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#1 - 2012/10/19 09:05:00 PM
so theres someone on my server who reg griefs or tries to grief people,i once tried to give her advice on a strength mace she had(shes a feral druid) and she flipped out swearing. now since then whenever im in elwynn its ussually her swearing,making fun of me.

well today she tried griefing the fire event by mounting on top of it and telling anyone who asked her to move to shut up,when i told the people they can just report her i was later whispered with a "[Removed] i put her on ignore before she continued insulting.

i have a screen shot but it doesnt show any of the report things on her name,and when i found her icon and tried the report for it only had cheating and name. if i tried to make a ticket it tends to just get a automated report back on using the new report system.

is there any other way to report this person?

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#11 - 2012/10/19 09:28:00 PM
Blocking an NPC or other object, in and of itself, is not something that our In-Game Support staff is usually able to intervene on. The language that you claim the person is using is.

Please use the right click report feature by selecting the chat line and selecting Report For: Language. That report will be used to investigate the behavior and if warranted, take appropriate actions.