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#1 - 2012/10/11 09:02:00 PM
Please do not nerf this fight. This fight is awesome. It's such a check on gear as well as co-ordination, it's pretty damn sweet. After the crap that was Stone Guardians/Feng this fight is pretty sweet. It's short, and there's very little in the way of RNG (I don't consider the Voodoo Dools RNG)!

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#22 - 2012/10/15 10:16:00 AM
12/10/2012 02:05Posted by Facerollqq

Still doable.

Not true if your roster is limited.
Doesn't matter wether or not its doable, rather how much harder it is compared to 25 man, yet again, speaking through numbers. The adds in the spirit totem has about 200k health more than the 10 man ones, and spawn as much as on 10 man, only that already is enough to say that 10 man is overtuned seeing as the mobs health isnt even duplicated.

Adds on 10-man heroic spawn at a slower rate than 25-man normal.
On 10-man, however, when several Shadowy Minions are active, there's more potential for busrt damage from then than on 25-man. That's something the devs are evaluating and may adjust.