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#1 - 2012/10/13 05:06:00 PM
yes i just got an in game mail saying "your registered email account received an email in violation to our eula"

Well it's a work email and unrelated to wow. And how are they scanning my private email account? Isn't that illegal?


Screenshot. Confirmed it's Blizzard Development Team and Customer Service.

This is highly illegal as my email account is corporate protected. And I did not get a real email about it but if I do, I will post screenshot. I'm just confused, can scammers fake a Customer Support icon and spaced name?

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#26 - 2012/10/13 05:32:00 PM
Perhaps our Customer Support team can lend some insight as to what happened, Fox. I've moved your thread to their area for further assistance.

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#46 - 2012/10/13 05:49:00 PM
If we send mail to your in-game mailbox, it will have a Blue Blizzard logo on it.

While not as common as it used to be - this will be done if something has been sent to your registered email.

Many of our responses are no longer mailed - we use the site that can be accessed through the Support link above.