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#1 - 2012/10/11 06:49:00 PM
Hey guys !

Ive been playing wow since about the begining of cataclysm, Ive played mostly DPS classes, (Range) and some Healing classes but never got any high level healers,

Now i want to try and level somting new, Yes a TANK Ive always been afraid of leveling one because when i was in a raid in Cataclysm it always felt like who ever the tank was had the hardest job, Gets the most yelled at, and gets kicked very fast in LFR.

Now please be honest, im asking experienced tanks here, Is it hard to tank ?
Like i'm just an avarage player, and it takes a while from 1-90 so i don't want to level one and be !@#$ at it.

Also what class should i pick ? Id rather use a Warrior or DK since tey look cool ( never had a plate class ) And whats the difference between them, i know these are more then one question but, yeah if anyone wants to share he's/here Experience with this !

Thanks !
PS: Sorry for my bad english hope you understand evrything :)

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#13 - 2012/10/12 03:01:00 PM
11/10/2012 19:49Posted by Beatsz
Now please be honest, im asking experienced tanks here, Is it hard to tank ?

Tanking is not harder than any other role; you just happen to have a spotlight on you all the time, there’s not much chance that your mistakes will be overlooked, especially if they have something to do with movement, since mobs and bosses will (hopefully!) always follow you. There are usually less tanks than healers or damage dealers in any raid, so that also contributes to the spotlight effect.

Truly mastering any of the three roles is also equally as hard in my opinion.

But tanking is not just an extremely fun role, it’s also very rewarding, that’s partially a consequence of the spotlight effect, players have a tendency to thank or congratulate you if you do something unexpectedly cool (can be a crazy but well done pull, a fast sequence of actions and movements, fast taunts and instantaneous reaction times to unexpected situations, good usage of LoS, great kiting…) healers particularly have a tendency to thank you if you play exceptionally well and if you help them by making use of every tool at your disposal in moments where the healing gets intense.

Between Warrior and Death Knight, I must say I have a personal preference for warriors, simply because I love their mobility, I just can’t get enough of spamming charge, intervene and heroic leap, honestly I use them way too much, to the point of sometimes annoying some of my friends with my grasshopperly skills (my friend who plays a priest usually likes to show me how annoying I’m being by making special usage of his Leap of Faith and giving me near death experiences), but of course it’s all in good fun.
I also really enjoy playing DK and I also went blood with it for now, they have really strong cooldowns and amazing survivability.

I’d say, go watch some videos on youtube, if you have some friends playing any of these classes, watch them playing for a while and just try to figure out by yourself which class do you prefer, and if after all that you still can’t decide, create both of them!
Either way, make sure to savour and enjoy the instant queue time in LFD ;)

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#31 - 2012/10/16 01:21:00 PM
I've goto say - that's a great post. Not only cause you're agreeing with my choice of tanking class but also it states what a lot of us have been saying for a while now.

Maybe you could make some version (minus the tip to the warrior class) as a sticky thread for people to read before they ask the same questions over and over again?

Thanks a lot!
I don't think my post is sticky-worthy though, I'd rather highlight a more thorough player’s “guide to tanking” updated for Pandaria if someone decides to create such a thread.

If there is already such a thread and I've missed it, please feel free to point it out to me as sometimes the sticky requests get a bit too chaotic to actually be useful ;)