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#1 - 2012/10/11 02:43:00 AM
i for one, LOVE the new warlocks. finally feels as though we're rewarded for the effort we put in.

Affliction - less boring than ds. far more fluid, haunt has a much better design, soul shards are finally where they belong, soulburning out 3 dots in 1 gcd is mad, pandemic is great. dps is finally at that place where i can compete for top dps by fine tuning and playing well, unlike cataclysm, where mages and rogues and warriors ._.

destruction - whats not to like about destruction? people say it's very simple, and has become the new arcane, but that's a load. you can instantly tell a good destro from a bad, it's about ember management, cooldown management and absolutely HUGE damage. the raw height of the numbers is outstanding, probably the flashiest spec in game at the moment, and it's doing some damn good dps too. (lolol burst damage)

demo (i don't like demo, so i don't play it, trolls take note.) - can sit in stormwind with giant dark purple wings. can sit in stormwind with a wrathguard with ashkandi and armageddon. very complex rotation, very active. can tank stuff. can jump and turn into a giant purple hell meteor. you see where i'm going with this? a very fun spec. and oh yeah, AOE DPS WTFLOLOL.

talent wise, talents are in a lovely place. invincible for a nice 8 seconds of 450k health pool in raids? kill my pet for doops, or keep it out for utility, and turn it into some fel sex bomb? depends on the fight. Sha of anger? mannoroth's fury. 150k dps says hi. Elegon stack resets? sup kil'jaedens cunning? damn, i'm gonna be taking some heavy damage this fight! HAVE SOME BACK, with vengeance from archimonde.

throw in some shiny shiny glyphs, none of which are -mandatory- (bar a few, like extra shards/embers) and we're a mean, purple, evil killing machine.

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#9 - 2012/10/12 12:58:00 PM
11/10/2012 03:43Posted by Ráínbowdash
we're a mean, purple, evil killing machine.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing players expressing their happiness about their class or the game in general on our forums, going out of their way, possibly even taking some of their game time just to tell us that.
I’m genuinely happy you’re enjoying the game and having so much fun.

Now go away, onwards to Pandaria! Go and protect the Alliance you amazing purple beast, you!

psst... you can stay here if you want ;)