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#1 - 2012/10/11 08:29:00 PM
Thank you for contacting the Game Master department, I apologize for the wait and that we were not able to speak online. I am working on getting the wait times down.

I want to thank you for taking the time to let us know of an issue with battle pets in Storm Peaks. We appreciate players that report issues that help improve World of Warcraft.

I am afraid that the Game Master department is not able to personally investigate these types of issues with the game. This information will need to be sent to our Quality Assurance department for testing and verification.

In order to help facilitate sending this information to Quality Assurance, there is a feature which will allow you to submit a report in-game. You can submit a bug in-game by clicking the Red (?) Question Mark. From there, you can select "Submit Bug" on the left side, then type up a description of the bug on the right side.

You can also discuss this further on the forums at

Thank you again for letting us know about this, if you have any other questions, please either reply to this message or create a new ticket.

I’m very sorry to hear about your recent loot trouble. =/
Development is certainly aware that the loot system in the Dungeon and Raid Finder needs to be smarter, as there's currently not a way for the system to determine loot eligibility based on talent specialization, class or whether a player already possesses the item; the only thing taken into account is the player's Role in the dungeon. This has been the case for the lifetime of the game, and has not changed with LFR.

This obviously needs to change, specifically for raid purposes due to the higher level of the items, and there are solid plans to do so with the advent of Mists of Pandaria. :) You can check out the upcoming changes here: - development's looking forward to seeing how players react to the new system, and we all hope it will resolve some of the confusion we're seeing with how loot rolls work.

At this time, we're unfortunately unable to intervene in loot disputes under the LFR or NBG systems, as any player who is able to roll Need on the item currently has the right to do so. If the loot system receives tweaks or updates prior to its revamp with the expansion,It'll be announced on the patch notes, the official forums, or our main website. :) I'm very sorry for any frustration.

Thank you so much again for your ticket, if I have missed anything here please reply to this message or check out our support page that has TONS of helpful solutions.

Kind Regards,

Game Master Cormyrrhunig
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This is from a recent ticket which I posted about the battle pet spawn nodes not respawning in Storm Peaks. The first part was verbatim to the original answer I got, which I wrote in the ticket to just forward it to whomever it would be that handled the issue. The second response went further to talk about looting, which my ticket had nothing to do with. I suspect these guys are sitting there copy and pasting common answers from a file on their systems and aren't even looking at what they are posting past the gist of the original subject matter, and regurgitate pre-approved answers to the Blizzard customers.

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#10 - 2012/10/11 09:04:00 PM
1) Don't re-post the previous answer verbatim, that'll just get you caught doing a copy/paste job.

It isn't a matter of getting "caught", Norwulf. We have always used templates for contacts, it has never been a secret.

As for the issue itself... you were reporting a possible bug with pet battles. You were correctly directed to submit a bug through the in-game interface or post on our forums. We have a Bug Report forum just for that reason.

You then reopened your ticket to indicate that our staff doesn't have anything better to do so why don't we forward the report for you.

Now I will admit, it looks like there was an addition to that email that seems to have covered another issue unrelated to your ticket. Mistakes happen, but that in no way justifies reopening the ticket again simply to berate our staff and call them names.

So, to expand on the answer as you indicated in #1. You'll want to visit the following forum.

There you can click Create Thread post details of what you experienced so that our QA department can look into the report.

If you would like to provide feedback regarding the assistance you received from your tickets you should be able to fill out a survey to do so.