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#1 - 2012/10/10 12:59:00 AM
Didn't want this to get buried in one of the existing threads:

From Ghostcrawler's Twitter feed:

It may not be live if you haven't seen it. I don't want to get in the habit of announcing hotfixes on Twitter. +25% PoH and PoM.

Updated with full 10/12 hotfix list:

- Prayer of Healing and Prayer of Mending now provide 25% more healing when cast by Holy and Discipline Priests.
- Archangel now affects Spirit Shell properly.
- Void Shift can now only work on other players.
- Cascade now deals 25% more damage or healing.

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#65 - 2012/10/10 03:53:00 PM
<3 Although this won't solve Disc's inherent issues (imo), its a bandaid for sure :p

Just as an addition, we're still keeping an eye on performance in this regard. We'll see what happens after the hotfix and how healing is coming along. The extra healing may well alleviate a bit of the mana concern, but we'll wait and see.

As always, constructive feedback is appreciated and we'll continue watching.

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#78 - 2012/10/10 04:08:00 PM
So the hotfix nerf to healing and shields (15% each) weakens disc priests harder than any other healing class, since we specialize in shields.

I don't understand? We weren't going OOM fast enough for you?

While I understand you want to discuss this, it's a slightly different topic (only slightly mind you). The distinction is enough to warrant discussion in another thread outside of this one.

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#82 - 2012/10/10 04:16:00 PM

Ok what about paladins now ? Casting 2-3 heals and going oom is ridiculous. Also HP generation is too slow.

Are you wearing your healing gear?

All jokes aside, paladins that are played well don't have serious mana issues. Paladins that are played poorly, do.

Which is as it should be.


Your point about healing gear, while a joke, lends itself to something to consider in regard to where people are in gearing up. A lot of things get "tuned" for higher level item gear, or at least with the understanding that that gear will change things a bit for how people experience their state of play. That said though, it doesn't preclude people from sharing their experiences of what they like/don't like what's fun/what isn't fun etc. Numbers tell us how something is performing analytically, but numbers don't always convey whether something is fun or not.

People at this point are still getting new gear, refining their stat choices, filling in their "best" rotations, adding in their enchants, gems etc so, experiences may differ a bit based on those things.

When will this buff go live. Because it was not there last night. Checked my logs from last week PoH is still the same.

I don't have an ETA for you as of yet, but we'll make sure it gets updated in the Hotfix notes when it happens.