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#1 - 2012/10/10 10:04:00 AM
Greetings fellow forumers, and hopefully blues who will read this and pass it on to their developers.

What I've experienced so far in this season can be listed in numerous points, and has unfortunately made me quit the game as it is now. I'm going to list these below:

  • #1 150k+ crits on full resilience targets
  • #2 Globalling
  • #3 Too much control on classes who do not need it
  • #4 Too much damage in general
  • #5 Too much healing at times
  • #6 Too much burst in both healing and damage
  • #7 Too many spells to give or take in arena battles
  • #8 Dispel not working properly
  • #9 Diminishing ReturnsMore, descripted feedback of each of the points.

    #1: 150k+ crits on full resilience targets

    - This, has been seen by mostly BM hunters using Stampede, usually bursting someone down in a matter of mini seconds. And no, this is not exageration.

  • What I could see as a fix on this, is either a removal or 80% less damage done on the pets, and give them more duration, which results in less burst, but still an overall DPS increase with the duration of the pets.- This, has also been seen in numerous occastions though as a bursting way, exceeding the numbers of 150k and eventually leading to death within mere seconds, caused by these classes burst: Mages, Warlocks, Warriors

  • What I could see as a fix on this, is a downright damage nerf to all of the classes. Chaos Bolt nerf with a 50% damage decrease, but a faster cast time, leading it to be at the same damage, but not exactly as bursty. Frost Mages just having their masteries removed because it's been out of control for way too long. Warriors, Skull Banner, Avatar, Berserker Rage, Trinket and all other cooldowns has to be on a seperate cooldown-management, having them not be able to be used at the same time, they are causing too much damage and are way too much out of control. You know you are, don't disagree with me.#2 Globalling

    - This is a short one. I met a Rogue, Hunter and a Holy Paladin comp last night at around 2k~mmr in 3s, they managed to drop my DK, my Warrior and myself to 10% almost spiking every second between us, leading to us actually being dead within 15 seconds. This isn't right.
  • What I recommend as a fix would be something equivalent to reducing values of health and mana, to a number where scaling would be easier to edit and properly get a hold of and fix. If not that, then I recommend reducing all damage, health, mana, healing with 50% within arenas. With a side bonus of 20% reduced overall damage.#3 Too much control on classes who do not need it.

    - This is a topic that needs to be adressed swiftly and dealt with. I'm seeing classes who has too much damage, and ontop of that an ability to lock down players for more than half the time needed to execute a target within this expansion. The classes who needs to be looked at and dealt with are these:
  • Warriors
  • Mages
  • Hunters
  • WarlocksThese are the classes that trouble me the most. Hunters with their scatter-trap-silence-petstun and rinse repeat. Warriors with their double charge, Shockwave, Intimidating Shout and a double silence. Mages, well, need I say more? Warlocks, with their instant fears needs to be looked at, instant CC with 8 second duration, no thank you.

    #4 Too much damage in general
    - I've probably repeated this a few times, but there's way too much burst damage in the game, and it needs to be sorted. Resilience will not fix this.

    #5 Too much healing at times
    - Whereas healing is not always too much, I fear every class' burst healing is needed because of the damage in the game and the control that comes with it. This also needs to be adressed with what I adressed earlier with smaller vallues and easier to accordingly fix.

    #6 Too much burst healing and damage
    - Felt like I needed to repeat this. See #5, #4, #3, #2 and #1 for more information.

    #7 Too many spells to give or a take in arena battles
    - Over the time, where arenas started in The Burning Crusade, we didn't really have alot of spells to choose from, which made every class unique and very limited. This isn't a problem anymore as every class and their mothers seem to have a spell for everything and even the things we do not need. There's too many spells, and too many things to counter these spells.
    - In short, there's too god damn many excess spells we do not need around and is basicly just a filler to make everything look shiny for casual players. Infuriating.

    #8 Dispel not working properly
    - With dispel on friendly targets having a cooldown and on enemy targets not having one, I can't feel anything else but wanting to have this being opposite, am I the only one thinking this way? With all the control and the debuffs in the game at the moment, maybe what we need is purge and the equivalence on cooldown.

    #9 Diminishing Returns
    - This, is the most annoying topic of all of them. The diminishing returns in this game as it is right now is downright pathetic, and it's not getting better. Having spells that gets you controlled up to 30+ seconds is not really anywhere near balanced as killing off a target from 100 -> 0% takes less than 4-5 seconds for the average player.
  • What I recommend as a fix would be having EVERY spell in the game on a diminishing return, leading to no control getting you above the 12 second limit, leading to some people actually having a moment to do something before they get globalled.You asked for feedback numerous times, this is the most descriptive and positive feedback I can give you, and I hope to god that you will make this a proper game in the future.


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    #5 - 2012/10/10 11:35:00 AM
    10/10/2012 11:04Posted by Nishea
    hopefully blues who will read this and pass it on to their developers.
    *Glances around the room* Oh, right!

    10/10/2012 11:04Posted by Nishea
    You asked for feedback numerous times, this is the most descriptive and positive feedback I can give you
    This is indeed a very nice post where you have clearly outlined your concerns and given feedback on what you would like to see changed, thank you Nishea! :)

    Let's have at it everyone; do the same as Nishea and outline in a nice, clear and concise way what your largest concern is right now in PvP, then give your feedback on it.

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    #294 - 2012/12/05 04:02:00 PM
    05/12/2012 09:47Posted by Zakkar
    So, #1, MMR is still not reset.
    Ghostcrawler already mentioned on his Twitter account back when this was a major topic of discussion that resetting the MMR of players creates a large sum of unbalanced matches until the ratings return to their original values. So the resetting of MMR actually creates a few weeks of pain with very little gain, given that most players will end up at approximately the same MMR that they were before the reset. You can see his tweet about this, here:

    We also wanted to implement with patch 5.1 but it was unfortunately delayed to a later date, a new system that is designed to prevent players from camping high ratings as well. This should alleviate some concerns with players reaching high ratings through their MMR and then camping those ratings, they will end up losing their ranking because those who continue to play and perform well in their matches should progress past them. You can read more on this system in the PvP blog here:

    05/12/2012 09:47Posted by Zakkar
    On to #2, they did fix BM hunters, but they didn't fix warriors, AND, as it turned out, the list was missing warlocks, who can one-shot people as well, and maybe mages
    We made changes to the Warrior class by lowering the maximum stacks of Taste for Blood to three in PvP. We also recently hotfixed Demonology Warlocks, lowering the demonic fury cost and damage of Chaos Wave by 33%. Mages also received several changes in patch 5.1, they are too numerous to mention here so I recommend checking the patch notes out:

    05/12/2012 09:47Posted by Zakkar
    AND they gave everyone more PVP power without giving more PVP resilience making one-shots significantly more often than before.
    We are also keeping an eye on the increase in damage that occurred due to heightened PvP power. It is possible that we will up base resilience or do something similar to compensate for this change, but we feel that more time is required to observe the effects of this change in order to make a decision on the matter.

    05/12/2012 09:47Posted by Zakkar
    Nice progress... Can anyone honestly say that PVP got better since the beginning of the season? Because I don't.
    We know that PvP will never be a perfect picture of balance where both teams in every match up will walk into the arena, or even a rated battleground with a 50% chance of winning or losing. We do feel that it is achievable to a point where players can have fun and feel that a match was fair and they understand why and where in the fight they lost. We are not blinded by rose-tinted glasses mind you, we know that we are not at this point yet in Mists of Pandaria and there is still some work to go until we reach that level of balance.

    To achieve this is very hard to do, especially when you remember that the game is constantly evolving and new classes, abilities and mechanics are being created. This is not us trying to make excuses mind you, it's hard, but we want to and owe it to you as the players to try our best to get this right.

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    #316 - 2012/12/06 07:50:00 AM
    05/12/2012 16:23Posted by Vixea
    Wasn't that delayed for the future for some reason or another?

    It was, yes. This was an unfortunate error on my part when rephrasing that particular paragraph. My apologies for any confusion, I have now corrected the mistake.

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    #322 - 2012/12/06 10:46:00 AM
    06/12/2012 09:34Posted by Jinngo

    It was, yes. This was an unfortunate error on my part when rephrasing that particular paragraph. My apologies for any confusion, I have now corrected the mistake.

    Just curious mate, what are your expierence in arenas?
    While I am not able to give exact numbers or information on my rating and experience, I can say that I have strong knowledge of and experience in PvP — I'll just say that I more than regularly PvP in battlegrounds and arena. :) Right now I am working on getting some gear for my newly dinged Hunter, want to see if I can try and break the mould and do okay with Marksman or Survival.

    I know that my PvP skills are not be the best that are out there, but I very closely follow everything that is happening in and around the PvP community such as player concerns and feedback so that it can be passed on to the developers.

    06/12/2012 09:34Posted by Jinngo
    I love you btw can i be your BFF?

    D'awww, thanks! /hug