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#1 - 2012/10/06 03:12:00 AM
It's ok in my book that we cant use a flying mount in Pandaria until we reach level 90 - the first time around. It sure gets very, very tedious though when you level a character for the second, third, fourth time. So are there any plans to alleviate that?

I remember that in Wotlk, you were able to train the cold weather flying skill at level 80 and in a later patch, you could buy a BoA book for your twinks that taught the skill to them at level 70 iirc.

Anyways, it cant be that hard to implement that for Pandaria too, right? So by all means, please put this into patch 5.1!

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#23 - 2012/10/09 08:21:00 AM
The tomes that we've added in WotLK were something that we just wanted to try and experiment with, we're not sure if we're going to create a similar option for Pandaria.

We feel that a big part of the experience would be lost if we decided to add such an option for alts, so much of the world design would be rendered meaningless by having the possibility to skip over any obstacle, and a lot of content would also probably be missed by the players.

I suppose that the argument “my main character already experienced all the world content” makes some sense, if you’ve done it once, you’re not missing anything with your alts, right? But how many players have actually really seen it all while levelling just one character?
If this is about gameplay experience, I think we’re better off with staying put on the ground while levelling, but if it has to do with the levelling pace, we think there are better alternatives that we can explore if we decide that we want to speed up the character’s levelling speed in the near future.

Still, the tome option is not completely out of the picture, it’s something developers are carefully thinking about and might still consider, so please do continue to provide feedback about it, as it always has some weight when designers/producers have to make such decisions.