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#1 - 2012/10/08 12:12:00 AM
As the post says have we actually heard anything back from a blue? All this feedback we're providing and i've seen no blues. has anything been stated that they've noticed rogues an how bad we are?

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#18 - 2012/10/08 06:41:00 PM
However, we haven't heard feedback from them yet. I'd rather wait for them to digest all those posts and come to a very well-thought-out response as to handle Rogues, than to come out with a hasty reply to pacify us.

It's just going to take time.

That's a good way of looking at the situation. As I mentioned in that thread, normally the class forums are for discussion between players. Nevertheless, I'm glad we had a chance to gather some feedback, but it will take time to process, and it's best not to develop grand expectations. In the meantime, I'm not likely to be in a position to provide periodic updates.

I've uncapped the thread for those who haven't had an opportunity to provide feedback: