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#1 - 2012/10/07 12:04:00 AM
Having just had our FIRST (Horde) FCM option from Ravencrest in it's nearly eight year history - while seeing the alliance having a near permanent FCM during the last three expansions opening months it struck me;

Why is there never a PvP > PvE option for PvP realms?

Having spent seven and a half year on Ravencrest, being the underdog first out manned by 3:1 ratio up until WotLK, a number which have since then exploded because of Horde guilds leaving because of a notorious stability/queue record once strained during peak hours/new content and the fact that Blizzard have never stopped migrating here (and there's been a metric ton worth of alliance migrating here due RCs rank on most PvE progress lists and it's status as an (English) alliance heavy realm.

I rolled PvP for a reason, and I still enjoy (fair) PvP - when these rare 2v2 encounters actually happen.
But having seen less and less of this, and more and more of 1:6+ encounters is really getting old and I want to enjoy the few hours that my schedule allows me to play while not in ghost form.

Yes I could pay myself from the above, but my entire WoW life is situated on Ravencrest and I really do not want to spend 200,- Euro to transfer my character park to a PvE realm :(
I would have been one of the first off the four hour queue train when we finally got our FCM (again, did I mention that this was Hordes FIRST EVER?!) a week ago, but sadly the only three options we were given were three Horde heavy (low- to medium pop) PvP realms.

So Blizzard, any chance in allowing/giving your (all to few) the option to switch realm type when given a FCM-offer?

Our FCM on Ravencrest last until the 10th of October, I'll keep updating the sticky thread to see if we're given one - and a response here from people with the same mind set and opposites alike would be nice.

A lot of us have played WoW for a loooong time, and certainly I can not be the only one that over these seven years have changed how I play WoW - and really don't need World PvP as an adrenaline kick?!

Old (!) WoW gamer that would really like a change of venues from Ghost Form :(

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#4 - 2012/10/08 03:33:00 PM
Where possible we always try to provide FCMs from the same type and Battlegroup as the source realm. That being said, Ravencrest, just like a few other realms, is indeed having some large queue issues, that is why we always look for controlled ways to allow players to escape them.
At this moment Ravencrest has 3 different FCMs: Frostwhisper, Xavius and Shattered Hand.

If somehow we get feedback that leads us to believe that there's a relevant number of players that would be interested in switching to a PvE realm instead of a PvP one, we might consider that option, our objective is to reduce the queues and give players a great experience, but so far I haven’t seen any large amount of feedback that would lead me to consider adding PvE realms to the Ravencrest FCMs.

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#9 - 2012/10/09 02:02:00 PM
you'd offer more choice rather than the 'move to a low pop realm or suck it up' option you give us now.

I know players often look to external sites dedicated to realm "census" information to try to get an idea about a certain realm's population and faction distribution, but from certain posts that I see in our forums from players that researched those websites I must say that a lot of the information seems to be far off.

While I can't give you exact numbers, I can tell you that both Frostwhisper and Shattered Hand are far from being low pop, right now they’re actually quite high populated, in fact they’re so high at the moment that we’ll probably have to change the FCM tomorrow and close those two destinations.

We’ll do our best to find more suitable destinations but as you can see from this thread’s activity, not many players seem to be interested in PvE FCMs, so that’s probably not going to happen tomorrow, but if we see an increase in requests for such an FCM, it’s like I’ve said before, we might consider it for the future.