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#1 - 2012/10/02 10:39:00 PM
With the release of MoP we had the release of a new loot system where players areno longer able to see if a person needs or greeds on an item. Whilst I see the benefit of this to some degree I've noticed also that it's become more of an advantage to 'ninja' items from players because they can need and not be seen until the roll is complete by which time in an instance the player usually leaves the group.

An example of this would be brewfest. As a holy paladin, I find the healing trinket dropped formt eh Coren Direbrew encounter. Being a healer I needed on it only to find that the dps Shaman had needed also and won the roll before being able to contest he'd left the dungeon. As you can understand I was pretty angry at the blatent ninja and I suggest that blizzard have another look at the system.

They either A need to specialise it so only classes can need on items they can use mainspec. Or assign a roll bonus to stop this ninjaing occuring.

Another example also was my friend in the same dungeon needed on the tank trinket as a tank to have it ninjaed also. Whist this is one encounter its happened in others also and its disheartening to know that what should rightfully be mine because of my role goes to a player who doesn't equip it or disenchants it in front of your eyes. (Another thing which annoys me)

Now people may say I'm whining or complaining but I'm not. I'm merely trying to highlight a flaw in what is supposed to be an upgraded system. At least before when you could see who needed and greeded the ninjaing was less likely to occur as a result of players actually supporting the role it belonged to.

e.g. Old system warlock needed on healer trinket, other players said that healer had prio when both selected need.

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#7 - 2012/10/08 03:12:00 PM
02/10/2012 23:43Posted by Xunda
you can type /loot to see who needs/greed/passes

Blue tagging for visibility.

I've done a few dungeons myself during this weekend and I've noticed that some players are simply unaware of this feature, sometimes I saw some people needing on offspec stuff because they weren't seeing any "need" rolls from other players, obviously this can lead to some arguing.

So here it is again for the sake of clarity, please type /loot, /lootrolls or you can just click on [Loot] in the chat window.
This will open a new loot window that shows you all rolls on every item.
You can also go to Interface->Controls-> and click on “Auto Open Loot Rolls Window!”

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#16 - 2012/10/09 09:59:00 AM
08/10/2012 18:32Posted by Mahriana
Just an idea, but maybe put a little message in the chat screen when players enter a dungeon to inform them of this.

As this is a fairly new feature, it's bound to be improved over time.
I think some sort of messaging is probably a good idea; I'll pass that suggestion to the devs along with some of the feedback that was presented on this thread.

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#26 - 2012/10/09 01:39:00 PM
09/10/2012 13:59Posted by Leukos
But the system that was promised and displayed was that each player would have a seperate roll system on their own, I never saw that feature on the game.

(Brace Yourselves) LFR looting system is coming!

Only to LFR of course.
You should be able to see it working tomorrow right after the maintenance is over.
You need to be level 90 and a minimum of 460 average ilvl if you wish to enter the first part of Mogu'shan Vaults LFR that will be opening tomorrow.

Have fun and may the purples shine radiantly on you!