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#1 - 2012/10/07 01:10:00 PM
They need to change this asap, it's pathetic.

For me personally:

> Server is 90% populated with Alliance, making Daily's even more harder.
> You earn 5 Valor from Daily's? seriously? thats laughable. More like 50 per.
> You hardly earn any rep at all.
> Theres no Tabards for Reps.
> You need reputation to buy some Valor gear.
> Another stupid grindfest

It's stupid, its annoying. It was much harder obtaining gear in Cataclysm cause most people ninja looted your gear anyway... so please change this stupid system.

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#67 - 2012/10/08 12:59:00 PM
You can get gear from heroic dungeons and in the process get 60 Valor for the first dungeon you do daily, as well as 30 Valor for the first scenario and a chance at getting loot usable by your class when finishing it. It may seem a small amount, but since both venues can be done relatively quickly, if you're aiming to cap valor points, it'll probably be the fastest way to do so (without considering raiding).

If there're particular items (read: gear) you feel you need to get 100% from the factions in Mists of Pandaria, keep in mind that Raid Finder gear is not available yet, and neither the Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring raids.

If even with these things taken into consideration you still feel that a particular item is required, then it might be a good idea to point it out on this thread :-)

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#95 - 2012/10/08 02:46:00 PM

actually i have a question draztal, let us assume for a minute that, the player is casual (read: not alot of time to spend in game but capable), and is able to cap valor points in a given week, yet doesn't have the time to rep grind from doing the ridiculous number of dailies that are currently the main end game focus of mists until we are allowed into all raids and RF is active etc etc, with a total cap of 3k VP available per character (still don't know why this was added and yet CP was left untouched), how then is this type of player supposed to get gear?

When it is tied into gaining at least honoured standing (after a needed and tbh overdue fix), by the time they reach this required reputation, they will highly likely have out geared the rewards, and therefore have nothing to spend VP on, and with no currency conversion MUST spend it in order to gain anymore. I know ppl have been spamming forums wanting the good ol' days of TBC back, but it doesn't work in the current climate of gamers, mainly because the number of us players from back then and earlier are soo few RELATIVE to the number of new-medium term players, players who have no memory/knowledge of the game before wrath/cata, they will say that this is all a pointless waste of time/effort and not bother playing, and as i read in several blue posts on MMO champion the developers don't have enough "resources and time", perhaps they would have a bucket load more time if they weren't trying to ressurect an old style of gameplay that no longer has a place in the current game.

N.B: i don't mind rep grinds nor do i mind having lots of quests to do (don't like dailies but don't mind normal quests), my arguement is from the point of the player that will likely make up a vast portion of the WoW playerbase.

Sounds like a rather edgy case, meaning, if a player is as casual as you described, it'd probably be best for that player to focus on cap his valor through dailies, so that he'll be grinding whichever reputations he wants to focus on at the same time. If he chooses instead to focus on doing heroics until he gets his gear, then after he's done with that part, he might focus on dailies.

The problem is, this case is littered with too many "ifs". For this discussion it'd probably be much more useful to know what's exactly concerning you :-)

Also, keep in mind that Pandaria isn't going to vanish into thin air. As long as you're progressing towards your goal, even if it takes you longer than more dedicated players, isn't that still advancing your character? Just curious.

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#318 - 2012/10/09 02:07:00 PM
08/10/2012 20:02Posted by Sihino
2. How on earth can any say dailies be counted as content? it is not! it is a timesink, but content they are not. Content would be a long questline for your profession, for your reputation or just for the fun. But to repeat the dailies have nothing to do with content, it is just Blizzard that are to cheap to make real content, so they make this silly timesink.

But they are content. Take the Kovok daily in Dread Wastes. Unless you do the daily quest when it pops up, you won't see that quest, nor how the area around Heart of Fear changes for it. Nor you'll understand what the paragon meant when he says he was sure Kovok would achieve many victories for the Klaxxi. And that's just one example (the race daily for the Cloud Serpents is another example).