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#1 - 2012/10/03 09:36:00 PM
Paladins are traditionally the OP class alongside Dks,well,atleast thats what the players were sayin' in Wotlk and TBC.
Then Cataclysm came,which kept things pretty much the same way they were,little change happend and Retribution remained in nice shape,even in MoP beta things were all right,you could say Rets were on the OP Side,after that the demise of Retribution came,Mists of Pandaria.
I know this is the very beginning of MoP and big changes are for sure going to happen,but i feel like i have to express my opinion on the spec that got ruined. Paladins as holy are truly fine,absolutly no problem with that,however retribution is a whole new story.
First of all the hybrid part of the class simply isnt rightly balanced,while being able to do a healthy amount of self-healing,the heals are not enough to compensate for our extremly low dps.
Secondly,WARRIORS for the time being are just stupidly OP,amazing dmg,cc's and heals,so as a whole warriors are by far above rets right now
Thirdly,comes the matter of other classes,when most of them deal amazing dmg,we just cant handle their dmg.
In Conclusion,I would really like blizzard to look at ret numbers and notice that while their heals are fine their dps is not,they are a lot of fun but if things dont change im gonna have to start playing my Dk again.
Opinions taken from Pro paladins:
-Kensui with / on the i
-Myself on my new pala-> Durnell

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#4 - 2012/10/05 02:51:00 PM
Your feedback on Paladins would be much more beneficial in the Paladin forum. Check it out and, if there's no suitable existing thread, feel free to make a new one.