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#1 - 2012/10/02 08:20:00 PM
The requirement of having an 463 item level to be able to queue for the LFR requires then that you have at least a 463 in every item slot, and if you were lucky enough to get one of the direbrew trinkets then you may be able to have a lower item in 1 maybe 2 slots.

The majority of the playerbase that will be 90 and have that good of gear for the first week or more of LFR are going to be the players that don't need or at least the content was not designed for. It will be all of the normal and hardmode raiding guilds that have continuous heroic runs.

The JP gear is iLevel 450 with no iLevel 463 available via vendor. So seriously WTF? I understand needing to have a high iLevel for the LFR to be successful but 463 is putting the bar a little high.

With Dragon Soul the requirement was 372-373 with the heroics dropping iLevel 378 gear and JP gear was set at 378. So I think either the JP gear needs to have the iLevel increased to 463 like heroic dungeon gear or the LFR iLevel requirement drastically dropped. 457 would be a good middle ground.

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#140 - 2012/10/05 01:41:00 AM
We're currently looking into reducing the item level requirement for Mogu'Shan Vaults LFR from 463 to 460. This should mean that more players will be ready to go once LFR is rolled out, but their gear should still be at an appropriate level for the fights.