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#1 - 2012/10/02 06:27:00 PM
- Those are the words that were given to my girlfriend when she was tanking a dungeon. Now normally, I'd just ignore such stupid threats/comments, but my girlfriend is not used to such harassment, and she is more insecure playing with others as a result of this.

We tried reporting the player, but were only able to report the player for "language", and without even detailing what happened to Blizzard.

The overall point of this thread is to bring to attention the lack of a way to report serious personal harassment or threats (such as wishing upon death/cancer, or threats of the like). Also, as a victim, we get no assurance that these players violating the ToA/EULA are actually dealt with. We never hear a word from Blizzard regarding resolving the matter.

Please Blizzard, consider opening an option of reporting a player for harassment/threats and give some feedback to the victims of hate crimes.

"Threats of violence. We take these seriously and will alert the proper authorities." is what it reads before you post - I'd like Blizzard to take this serious.

Thanks for your time, and have fun playing. :)

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#139 - 2012/10/03 08:13:00 AM
Hey Nokonda,

I hope your girlfriend is feeling more relaxed now after this. While it's very easy for people to say that you shouldn't be offended by something said to you on the internet you also shouldn't have to simply accept it and we wouldn't want you to, everyone should be free to play without insult or harassment.

The right-click to report categories can be a bit of a broad stroke and yes they don't leave room to explain the situation in detail, especially in the case of language and harassment, but this is because the report will automatically generate the information we need to investigate. That said if any particular situation goes beyond the scope of simple bad language or an insult to become something like ongoing harassment or a real life threat then tickets can and should still be made.

As for following up on the issue with the reporter we simply can't discuss what action is taken on a reported player for privacy reasons, no details related to anyone's account can be discussed with another player and this includes punishments, this doesn't mean no action is taken, in fact I promise you that each and every report is looked into and dealt with appropriately.

In closing I want to say this, while we do tend to take a lot of whats said towards us online with a pinch of salt that in no way means that if you feel hurt or offended by something directed towards you that you should simply let it go, use the tools provided even if they don't exactly meet the category you need and if you feel it still needs to go further then contact us.

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#173 - 2012/10/03 12:38:00 PM
There will always be a varying level between players of what is accepted internet language and whats not, however we have our policies in place to define what we deem to be harassment.

Harassment Policy

As much as we welcome discussion on our policies and the interaction of the community towards each other this isn't the place, the OP created the thread due to a concern over his report which has been addressed so for now we'll leave this thread be.

Again Nokonda, I hope your girlfriend is felling better about everything now.