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#1 - 2012/09/28 09:21:00 PM
Since my other thread about this got deleted, I guess I'll make a new one, except nicer this time.

What is going on with character models?

This quote is from the Reddit AMA that was on September 12, 2012

Actively working on updating character models! It's a high priority for us.

-Tom Chilton

This quote is from yesterday, and is posted up on mmo champion

It's still on the list. It's not something that we are looking at doing really soon. It's something that our art director has been doing some R&D on and we have been talking a lot about. The challenges... How many player models do you upgrade? Do you upgrade them all at the same time? Do you do them over time? There's also the issue of, do we up the system requirements? Do we make it part of a patch? Do we make it part of an expansion? There are lots of unknowns still out there, but it is something that we would really like to do.

-Rob Pardo

Why, in such a short time, did the character models go from high priority to "It's not something that we are looking at doing really soon".

It's starting to make me think that they were'nt even started, while we were told that the Dwarves were nearing completion around MoPs release, and that Orcs and Humans would be worked on immediately after. We were also told that the model updates might be released gradually and rolled out over time, with the earliest being mid-mop.

So what's with the change in priority?

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#56 - 2012/09/29 02:06:00 AM
09/28/2012 02:21 PMPosted by Agnorr
So what's with the change in priority?

Tom and Rob are both correct, and combined, pretty much sum up the thinking that's ongoing within the World of Warcraft development team. Are having new character models a high priority for the team? Yes! We have discussed this with the developers numerous times and they are definitely excited about making this happen.

Keep in mind the rhetorical questions that Rob stated with his response. A high-priority task such as this demands a lot of resources. With the work that was needed for Mists of Pandaria and is needed for the upcoming content patches, character designers have to prioritize their work. Thus, we REALLY (yes, honestly, truly, really) want to get this done, but it's something that will require a lot of time and people to do.