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#1 - 2012/09/08 04:26:00 PM
Hello my fellow Healers / Players.

The past few weeks I've been reading a lot of forums posts about healing and that it is not balanced enough. In my honest opinion it is Perfect as it is!

Let me line some facts about PvE healing (Purely based on my Experiance in Raids)

Paladin Healer:
-Strong Healing Class guided by the light. Meaning Shields / And Holy beams etc.
-Single Target healing is good and strong enough for some powerfull bursts.
-AoE The Paladin has a holy Radiance which is realy good for high bursts of AoE Healing on intensive healing phases.
These are 3small facts about a paladin making it a very strong Main healer in raids based on a lot of healing.

Shaman Healer:
-Nature guided healer. Totems giving nice raid buffs and also doing healing and eventually they can also do dmg.
-Single target healing is weaker when a tank is on High health but once the tank is droping the heals can easly pass the 120k!!
-On AoE dmg they have healing rain + some other realy nice AoE healing totems meaning a lot of AoE healing on a short period.
Again 3 small facts for this time a shaman healer. They are playable as a Support healing / Main healing class (LB can also do dmg and regen mana = fact 4)

Druid Healer:
-Also a nature guided healer. Having MotW = Good for Raids and not to forget the only healer with a Battle Ress! :)
-Single Target healing is not as great as a pala I'll instantly admit that but with lifebloom and some HoT's the healing remains realy powerfull
-AoE Healing... Yhea I don't even need to explain :) Powerfull in a lot of ways. Multi HoTing and Tranq + Swiftmend Great for heavy dmg phases!
As you see druid is a class working with HoT's = Good on a Over time based encounter and indeed weaker on short terms.

Priest Healer:
-Guided by the Light. Giving the Priest class alot of Shields (Disc) And as Holy alot of AoE healing.
-Disc: More supportive healing. Based on Shields and making sure people take less damage. (can come rly high on healing but more focused on absorbing dmg)
-Holy: A great AoE Healer with his Tranq like Hymn of Light. And not to forget the druid like swiftmend. (AoE healing cirlce on the ground)
Meaning that priest can be played on 2 different ways making it a valuable Class in set-ups :)

As you can read above here I just linded up some small fact about healing. Ofc there is alot more and also different opions about healing. But if you would be honest about your healing class in Raiding, Every healing class has a different role making it a must of having a certain set-up.
Imagine!! If healing classes were perfectly balanced there might be a HUGE chance that Raiding teams will no longer search for a specific healer and just take for example 3pala's!

Same goes for DPS. On PvE base not everything needs to be perfectly balanced. Every class has something special. And if you don't like it then you've might picked the wrong Class :)

I hope I gave some people a small Idea of how it realy is in reality with healing.
If you have any questions just post em below and I can maybe answer if you want :)


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#30 - 2012/09/14 02:26:00 PM
Hello my fellow life menders and givers,

Most of the tuning that has been done so far has been focused on level 90, that's why sometimes we may see a few abilities that are clearly too good at lower levels. (Holy Shock comes to mind, and this one has already been hotfixed).
We’re not focusing our efforts in balancing abilities prior to Mists, the most important thing right now is that we get everything tuned correctly for the new MoP content and particularly for level 90.