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#1 - 2012/09/14 12:07:00 AM
We've enabled Challenge Mode in the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta for Stormstout Brewery. We'd like to see as many players as possible challenge the dungeon to score your fastest times, and join us in discussing this new aspect of the game in this thread.

Here are the key things to know about this Challenge Mode test:

• To participate, characters must have completed at least one run of the Heroic Stormstout Brewery dungeon.

• Characters that meet that requirement will be able to set the difficulty to Challenge from the contextual unitframe dropdown and zone into Stormstout Brewery with your pre-formed party of five.

• There is no queuing for Challenge Mode dungeons.

• Inside, you’ll experience a more challenging version of the instance, with a timed run that begins the moment you interact with the Challenge Orb in front of you at the entrance.

• Your gear will be normalized to item level 463, even if you have inferior gear on your beta character. (Note: This is only a beta feature. On live realms, gear won’t scale up, only down.)

• Anyone with a level-90 on a beta realm can participate.

• You can reset the dungeon and restart the timer mid-run if you make a mistake and feel you can do better. Simply have your leader right-click on his/her character unit frame and select the Reset option from the contextual drop-down while inside the instance.

This test will likely end late Monday, September 17. We're working on producing some non-official, test-only leaderboards for you, but don't forget -- there are going to be full-fledged, Armory-based leaderboards for Challenge Modes after Mists of Pandaria goes live.

We want players to race through the dungeon and try to get the best time possible. For many groups, simply finishing the dungeon will be challenging and an accomplishment. That’s fine, and we’d love to hear from you.

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#4 - 2012/09/14 06:32:00 PM
The barrels are bugged and we're working on a hotfix for them.

In general, in Challenge modes we try to remove randomness, because we don't want external factors to have an undue influence on completion time, and we definitely don't ever want people to be 80% of the way through a clear and say, "Oh, the boss spawned with the wrong set of abilities, reset and try again."

On Normal and Heroic, Yan-Zhu picks three random abilities out of a possible six. On Challenge mode, we've pre-selected the same set of three abilities every time.

Similarly, in Mogu'shan Palace, the Trial of the King encounter normally randomizes the order of the bosses, and Raigonn in Gate of the Setting Sun randomizes the order of the adds he summons, but in Challenge mode those are all set to specific orders.

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#8 - 2012/09/19 10:30:00 PM
Our thanks and congratulations go out to all of you who tested the Stormstout Brewery Challenge mode with us. Here are the top six times we recorded on the beta servers:

      #1. Time: 14:49.1
    • Apollonx (Survival Hunter)
    • Netrolltuz (Assassination Rogue)
    • Domek (Blood Death Knight)
    • Shadowlol (Shadow Priest)
    • Rubenyo (Mistweaver Monk)

      #2. Time: 16:40.6
    • Timille (Destruction Warlock)
    • Emobär (Shadow Priest)
    • Livediliqt (Protection Warrior)
    • Citrusjuice (Holy Paladin)
    • Rôckcîtygîrl (Elemental Shaman)

      #3. Time: 18:34.4
    • Adam (Mistweaver Monk)
    • Tv (Shadow Priest)
    • Jackovasaur (Demonology Warlock)
    • Grafarion (Protection Warrior)
    • Yibsu (Elemental Shaman)

      #4. Time: 20:57.9
    • Eighth (Frost Death Knight)
    • Haazzyy (Elemental Shaman)
    • Amy (Mistweaver Monk)
    • Nekronchik (Combat Rogue)
    • Rexeas (Brewmaster Monk)

      #5. Time: 28:13.7
    • Kater (Balance Druid)
    • Angdrow (Shadow Priest)
    • Galapandaa (Mistweaver Monk)
    • Ifiddle (Blood Death Knight)
    • Kaizers (Demonology Warlock)

      #6. Time: 30:19.2
    • Worstdkeu (Blood Death Knight)
    • Tadorx (Fire Mage)
    • Nanqui (Restoration Shaman)
    • Eackie (Affliction Warlock)
    • Supersoaker (Elemental Shaman)

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#10 - 2012/09/20 12:03:00 AM
19/09/2012 23:59Posted by Tazidar
Our thanks and congratulations go out to all of you who tested the Stormstout Brewery Scenario with us. Here are the top six times we recorded on the beta servers:

Stormstout Brewery SCENARIO?

My mistake. Corrected. I have Scenarios on the brain.