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#1 - 2012/09/12 01:34:00 AM
For 2 years, I've had a question burning in me. I've tried many times to get it answered, to no avail. There's been twitter Q&As, Facebook Q&As, and general forum Q&As. And now this AMA reddit thing.

All of these I have posted my question on. Other than that, I have posted my question on the forums before. It is not a hard question to answer. Whenever I ask it, I ask it relatively politely without resorting to anger or name-calling. Yet extremely often on this forum I see QQers and whiners responded to by devs for no apparant reason.

I posted this on the AMA:

TLDR - Give us a title for having 40 titles, like you do with mounts, pets, and tabards!
There is a mount for having 100 mounts. A pet for having 150 pets. A tabard for having 25 tabards. Why is there no title for having x (like 40 maybe) titles? I'm a title lunatic, and I would love to have some way to show off my love for titles. I've actually been trying to get this question answered for probably 2 years now, posted on forums and twitter and facebook things every chance you guys give, but it never gets answered. Please, throw me a bone! Why do all the other collectors get love, but not titlists?
Ideas for a title achievement: Lord/Lady [Name]. [Name] of many names. [Name] the Titular (lol) [Name] the Well-Known
I've been playing the game and raiding since vanilla, I really love the game, I honestly do. I defend the company and the game all the time from stupid complaints, but it's frustrating that this never gets answered. Show us titlists some love, and we'll make it worth your while!
Taedran Silvermoon - US

And as expected, I got no answer. I believe the AMA is over now, yes? It's been 90 minutes, so I'm going to make an assumption there.

Getting angry and yelling and telling Blizzard how much they suck and that they don't care and all those things that QQers say isn't really my style... but seriously, it gets answers when well thought out posts don't.

I know I am QQing here, but if you know the posts I am talking about you know the difference. I really don't want to resort to it, but really, why is this question always ignored?

If they don't have an answer, at least acknowledge, say something like "While we understand what you want from this, we don't feel that titles blah blah blah."

At least I, and others like myself, will know that this has been considered.

I really don't know what else to say, I've been so faithful and so attentive, I just want this answered...

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#68 - 2012/09/12 04:26:00 AM
I saw your question during the AMA. Things were coming in fast and our developers' fingers were beginning to wear down their keyboards. It's the only reason we had to end it. ;)

To be honest, Cory Stockton is the best person to address your suggestion, but alas he was unable to attend this evening. I'll ask him for his thoughts on this idea next time I talk to him.

No promises!