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#1 - 2012/09/06 07:44:00 PM
I know its terrible, its shameful even, especially considering I have been playing World of Warcraft since the classic Beta but I just never got around to doing it. I always said to myself I'll start using binds next week, and week after week I kept looking at the keyboard like it was the elephant in the room.

Well no more! I actually want to be good at the game for a change, and after recently upgrading to a new computer I splashed out and got a nice Razer keyboard and mouse. The mouse is a 12 button Naga so I can hopefully avoid too many keyboard binds but I really need help getting started.

It feels very unnatural to me to use keyboard binds, I don't really know why. My typing speed is above average as I use a keyboard for work everyday so its not that I am against effort, but I do need a little help figuring out the best binds to start off with.

At the moment I have assigned these abilities to my mouse:

1: Mortal Strike
2: Overpower
4: Pummell
5:Colossus Smash
6: Charge

I have 6 more buttons on the mouse however it doesn't really feel that comfortable to press, it requires me bending my thumb in an unnatural way, ideally I would like to stick to these 6 buttons on the mouse for now, perhaps use number 7 as well and to a lesser extent number 10.

My question is how have you guys set up your keyboards to compensate for the other spells, what do you find natural, what can I get away without binding?

Any help would be much appreciated and I look forwards to peoples ideas.


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#18 - 2012/09/07 02:34:00 PM
06/09/2012 21:18Posted by Whysper
Unfortunately it is a slow painful process and when you start keybinding you WILL think "I should just go back to clicking because I am terrible at binding", DO NOT do this, I felt the exact same way but now I am actually starting to get used to my binds.
I'd like to emphasize this part, don’t fall back to clicking in the middle of the process. Even if you might have an adjustment period where you seem to have a slower reaction time than when clicking, that will quickly fade away. Once you improve and start noticing how much faster you actually are, you will want to bind every single ability to a key.