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#1 - 2012/08/31 12:04:00 AM
So I've tanked about half of DS heroic and done a few bits here and there.

I really like the changes. If this is the future of Warrior tanking, sign me up!

I really like being in control of everything, balancing mitigation vs threat. It seems a bit choppy regarding threat, but once vengeance stacks up I'm doing OK. Misdirect seems to be a godsend, weeding out bad RNG.

It feels good to have a class that is more challenging to play once again. Cataclysm got to the point where you could almost macro devastate and shield block and not really have any issues.

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#8 - 2012/09/07 11:55:00 AM
It's great to see players quickly adapting themselves to such big changes and enjoying the reworked abilities and talents of certain classes.
Positive feedback is as valuable as negative feedback and unfortunately it’s very uncommon for players to take a bit of their time to share the things that they enjoy over the forums since most of them will be (and rightfully so) happily playing the game. This is a general issue that forums or similar customer communication applications have, they can cause a distorted and inaccurate impression of reality that doesn’t take into account the voice of the silent majority, and developers always like to be aware of everything that players are enjoying and of everything they are not. So… thank you for sharing! ;)