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#0 - 2010/01/25 07:14:37 PM
I am but a lowly DPS. My job is to shoot arrows, and eventually things fall over.

Though that's not all I do. I watch out for fires/slimes, I misdirect the tank, I place traps near healers in case of adds.

That said, sometimes I make mistakes. Sometimes I take damage or die.

Most of the time, I am healed or ressed. Sometimes, my pet gets healed too.

So, from a lowly hunter;

Thank you, to all you healers, for the ressurrections and the heals I recieve. Despite how you are all treated overall, there are some of us who appreciate it.

It's gross, how you guys are treated. I'd play a healer myself, if I had such patience.

Lets use this topic to spread love.

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#44 - 2010/02/01 07:39:44 PM
Q u o t e:
WTB sticky - even if the post isn't particularly useful - it just made me smile :)

Well, a sticky might not be appropriate for this thread, however -- a blue tag to spread the healer appreciation? Definitely!

So here goes: Thank you to all the healers that keep people alive long enough to make stuff fall over dead!