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#1 - 2012/09/04 06:13:00 AM
Execute in its current state does too much damage, our damage to be lopsided which causes a large proportion of our damage to be focused in a small period of time. With having our damage focused in a small amount causes issues both with the damage we do and also the feel/fun of the spec.

Note: all of this was done a fury

The damage of execute vs. other abilities:

Doing test in full level 90 pvp gear with no gems and enchants, the damage of execute on average is 175K and for crits 444K and makes up 10-15% of the total damage we do. With Execute doing this much damage it makes our other abilities weak in comparison, while I think they should do less damage compared to Execute , this is too far.

Wild strike on average does 31k and 66k crits, which means Execute does 5.3-6.7 times more damage on average then wild strike and make Wild strike feel like hitting with wet noodles and will never be used during execute phase even with blood surge. Blood surge should feel useful even in execute phase, it shouldn’t be left out of the rotation sub at sub 20%.

Raging blow does 76K/160K with both weapons on average, once again this damage seems quite weak (not as much as wild strike) compared to execute. Raging blow does on average 2.3-2.7 times less damage then execute, raging blow is only used during execute phase when you do not have enough rage to Execute.

Bloodthirst does 17K/36K damage which means it hits like a wet noodle doing 10-12 times less damage then Execute, but it does give rage. Bloodthirst is only ever used to gain rage to do more executes, I miss the old Bloodthirst where is did a fair amount of damage and felt good using it.

The DPS of 100-20% is around 55K and took 670 seconds to complete (
while the DPS in the execute phase is around 102K and only took 87 seconds to complete, the Execute phase is essentially doubling your effective DPS (

How it affects game play and raid positions:

Pre 5.0.4 it was worth stacking cds for Execute phase and it still should be, the penalty for using cds before 20% was not as detrimental as it is now, Before the execute was slightly higher than the normal phase only about 20% better. With the new execute phase we are doing twice as much damage as the normal phase, if you’re not saving CD for execute phase your damage will take a huge dive compared to someone who does. This enforces CD stacking and makes us a sub 20% CD stacking centric classes which is not fun (I believe GC said we shouldn’t be a CD class).

With raiding this Execute issues can cause major issues in whether a raid leader would pick a good warrior over a mediocre (5-10% less damage) insert class here. IF there are encounters where a phase that’s between 100-20% that needs to be dealt with quickly a sensible raid leader would pick class X as they would do more damage than a warrior would do in that phase, a prime example where a warrior would not be picked over another class would be a lich king style fight i.e boss dies early and adds (valks) only need to be damaged to half. This also works in the opposite way, if a phase between 20-0% is extremely difficult then warriors would be the go to class, as previously stated our damage is insane sub 20% (a group of warriors would do a sub 20% phase almost twice as fast as another group with mixed classes).


Execute does way to much damage, it should be nerfed and the damage spread to other abilities, our other damaging abilities feel weak and boring, during the normal phase I feel weak and it’s undesirable. The design of warrior and taking what I said from the encounter basis selection of warriors, this goes against the upheld Blizzard theory of “bring the player not the class” as it should be true in all situations. Yes classes need to be different and warriors execute should be higher than others, But not to this extent.

Tl;dr Execute does to much damage and should be nerfed and spread to our other abilities.

The full logs is here:

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#11 - 2012/09/05 05:03:00 PM
We shifted some of the damage away from Execute when this topic first came up. We're happy with it now.