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#1 - 2012/09/03 06:14:00 AM
Im seeing lots of reports where people are saying that Ragnaros Normal is dropping the mount which is supposed to be Heroic only drop. Is that intentional or a bug?

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#224 - 2012/09/05 07:24:00 AM
05/09/2012 00:43Posted by Ripfrenzy
Fixed as of now.

The droprate was never intended, so it should indeed be fixed by now. Currently it is only the heroic version that guarantees a drop.

05/09/2012 05:27Posted by Lornd
put simply - blizz should clamp down on abuse of bugs / exploits. even if its something as simple as a 24hr ban before a mentality sets in of "oh well lets abuse this since there are no consequences" for example recently in trade you would see spamming FL grps with "OMG RAGGY MOUNT BUGGED DROPPING 100% FROM NORMAL JOIN MY GRP AND LETS FARM IT BEFORE THEY FIX IT" 99% of people were clearly aware it was most likely a bug and saw no issue with doing it anyway. no one else view this mentality as a problem?

We do take exploits very seriously, however getting this mount required no exploitation. The drop rate was a bug though, and even though I am sure some were aware of this, there were also those who didn't know. It is therefore quite unlikely that we will take further action on this, and if we do, it would most likely be something minor like removing the mount from those it shouldn't have dropped for under normal circumstances.