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#1 - 2012/02/16 01:33:00 PM
With the discussion of roles, I think the real answer to the "Role issue" is to expand the options available to all classes. If we are to maintain a system where roles are a core mechanic in the game, it is time to expand the roles available to the pure DPS'ers like Rogue, Mage, Hunter and Warlock to more than 1 role, so it leaves each player with more choice as to which role they want to take. Shamans had abilities back in vanilla who gestured at Enhancement being meant as a tank specc for the Shamans. Here is my take on a tanking specc for Shamans, that in reality wouldn't require much tweaking in order to be implemented. I present you: The Earthwarden.

I have highlighted new and reworked abilites in Bold.

Ability progression:

1 - Lightning Bolt
1 - Ancestral Focus (Passive)
1 - Armor Skills (Passive)
1 - Weapon Skills (Passive)
3 - Primal Strike - An instant strike that deals 100% Weapon Damage, and causes additional threat.
6 - Earth Shock -> Changed to Quake - The Shaman causes tremors around the shaman, dealing 300 Nature damage, and applies Weakened Blows for 30 secs.
6 - Healing Surge
8 - Lightning Shield
8 - Static Shield (Passive) - Your Lightning Shield Orbs, causes additional threat.
10 - Stone Bulwark - Imbue the Shaman with the powers of the Earth. Increases Stamina by 15%, Increases Armor from Mail and Leather items by 120%. Reduces chances that you will be critically hit by melee attack by 6%. Lasts until cancelled
10 - Mental Quickness (Passive)
10 - Primal Wisdom (Passive)
10 - Vengeance (Passive)
12 - Flame Shock
12 - Purge
14 - Ancestral Spirit
14 - Rockbiter Weapon - Imbue the Shamans weapon with spiked rocks. Your weapon deals additional 506 Nature damage, and causes additional threat.
15 - Ghost Wolf
16 - Searing Totem
16 - Wind Shear
18 - Cleanse Spirit
20 - Water Shield
20 - Stone Spikes - Imbue the Shamans shield with Stone Spikes. Increasing Blockrate by 25% for 6 seconds. Attacking the shield casues 115 Nature damage, and causes additional threat. 1.5 sec CD
20 - Flurry (Passive)
22 - Frost Shock
24 - Water Walking
26 - Earthbind Totem
26 - Stormstrike - Strikes 1 additional target for 75% Weapon damage.
28 - Chain Lightning
30 - Healing Stream Totem
30 - Totemic Recall
30 - Spiritual Aggression (Passive) - Your fire, nature, and frost spells causes additional threat.
32 - Reincarnation (Passive)
34 - Astral Recall
36 - Far Sight
36 - Magma Totem
38 - Grounding Totem
40 - Searing Wrath (Passive) - Your Fire Totems, causes the targets armor to melt, reducing armor on the target by 4% for 30 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
44 - Fire Nova
50 - Mail Specialization (Passive)
54 - Tremor Totem
58 - Earth Elemental Totem
58 - Stone Attunement (Passive) - While Earth Elemental Totem is active, you take 40% less damage.
66 - Fire Elemental Totem
70 - Heroism
70 - Bloodlust
72 - Bind Elemental
75 - Hex
80 - Chosen of Deepholm (Passive) - The stone around the Shaman comes to the aid of allies, causing everyone near the Shaman to take 4% reduced damage from all sources.
80 - Mastery: One with the Earth (Passive) - Going below 40% life will cause the Shaman to gain 25% additional armor. Each point of mastery increases the armor by 1%. This effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds.
81 - Unleash Elements: Rockbiter - Unleash a slab of stone from your Rockbiter enhancement, dealing 560 nature damage to all targets in a cone in front of the Shaman. Causes additional threat.
85 - Spiritwalker's Grace
87 - Ascendance - Earthwarden - While in the form of an Earth Ascendant, your movement speed is reduced by 60%. The cooldown is removed from Quake, Stormstrike, Primal Strike and Stone Spikes. While Ascended your health and healing received is increased by 30%.

The theme for the Earthwarden Shaman, is damage reduction and armor.

I haven't included any Charge/Leap abilities or stuns, because the Shaman already have lots of utility. For pulling the Shaman have Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt. I even decided to leave Hex in the progression in order to maintain a reliable CC. I have removed almost all healing spells, since I do not see any reason why the Shaman bringing Bloodlust and CC as a tank, should be able to heal themselves in combat aswell.

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#8 - 2012/09/04 07:36:00 AM
Locking this due to the more current existing thread pointed out above.