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#1 - 2012/09/02 03:38:00 PM
I am trying to find a reason behind why you nerfed all raids/dungeons gold drop post patch 5.04? People who brag and claim they have 2-3,4,8 million gold didn't make their gold via dungeons runs. They made it by playing AH and flipping.

Dungeon farming and somewhat easy gold making was still a job. I had to fly or port to place, aoe mobs, loot every mob individually and collect whatever dropped and see if I could make a few gold on it.

Today I went to heroic Magister's terrace and I grabbed 2 rooms as a bear tank aoed them all and when I looted out of like 20-30 mobs I've only received 1 gold...LAWL srsly? You had to nerf it that bad? What's the point?

Some might say "Blizzard removed daily cap" - yeah but I don't know about others, personally I was getting burned out doing 10 dailies top. I'd get tired and wanted to change a scene and go farm some bc instances raids, remembering certain episodes when I'd be killing Hydross in SSC it was fun going there and kiling same mobs so I could loot 12 or 24 gold is like saying "We do NOT want you to farm those raids and dungeons, STAY OUT!"

I was reading several beta reports where people listed mounts and prices on these mounts. A Grand Expedition Yak mount priced at 120,000g (that's just one mount) that doesn't even fly! A mere upgrade from Tundra Traveling Mammoth that was priced at reasonable 16k.

Why put a reforger on the mount if people will be unable to summon a mount inside the raid? Was the intent for them to run out of raid dungeons, mount up and reforge gear and then run back into raid? I just don't see it.

For a hefty price of 120,000, you should add to that mount a mail box! So at least a person can be anywhere and summon a mail box (regardless if he/she is an engineer or not) now that might be a good addition to make this mount very desirable.

Flying serpents mounts (Chinese dragons) - I did not grind rep in beta but I read that 1 mount of each color is priced at 10,000g - ok so you'd need 40k to buy each color if you are a serious mount collector?

What about Jewelcrafting mounts? I read that matz cost 250,000 to make 1 panther but it takes 4 panther mounts to make the ultimate panther thus total equals to 1 million gold?

Then we have all other mounts buyable form vendors anywhere from 1500g (cheapest) to 10,000 and then it's the Yak mount that tops all land mounts for hefty 120,000g

If you nerfed the dungeons/raids that drop gold, you want people to only focus on dailies and make dailies the only way to earn gold then it's plain unreasonable. People get tired from dailies and want to take a break from them. It should not be focused "get your gold in dailies only" - it should be here are several options, you choose what works best for you.

I am disappointed with dungeons gold nerf in patch 5.04 and I am not only one.

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#31 - 2012/09/04 05:31:00 PM
We design dungeons primarily as group activities. We have no problem supporting soloing old content as a fun thing to do, but we don't want it be among the best ways to generate gold, which it was at risk of becoming. The metric here is not which methods can earn you the most gold (which are probably still things like being an AH baron or selling raid slots), but which methods were trending as the most popular ways to earn gold. If optional content is too richly rewarding, it ceases to become optional and just becomes the way most players play the game.

You should solo old dungeons or raids to see the content, challenge yourself, or maybe get some transmog gear. We don't think it needs to be richly rewarding, financially.