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#1 - 2012/08/18 09:03:00 AM
As of right now neither Hammer of Justice, Fist of Justice, or Repentance benefit from passive hit bonuses such as Holy Insight. For the sake of PvP I believe it would be necessary to add these abilities to Holy Insight. I'm really not sure if this was intended by design or not but it would be beautiful to not have to put +hit gems in gear for these abilities. Thanks!

Edit: Blinding Light and Turn Evil could use the same treatment, as well as the last talent tier abilities although those aren't as game breaking.

08/18/2012 11:23 AMPosted by Kionne
it should just give melee and spell hit, like it does now, not hit for specific abilities

This exactly! Not only to make things better for quality of life reasons, but to prevent the tool tip from being crowded by text as well.

Game Designer
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#10 - 2012/09/01 12:04:00 AM
We're leaning towards just letting healers always hit with their spells. The concern was that healers would be too good at DPS, especially in PvP, but we can handle that in other ways.