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#1 - 2012/08/30 04:07:00 PM
I've been reading the blues posts on how classes are not 30%, or 20% but more like 5% dps difference. "Different encounters will make for different results" but with the HUGE bugs in DS it leads to me think this is really a bunch of smoke blowing. If time as been spent in testing wound't these HUGE dps bugs been worked out? 2/8 bosses in DS a BM Hunter can't even cast Kill Command. Maybe testing never took place in DS. Too bad it's till our current progression... Confidence is kind of low.

On a brighter note - I really like the feel of my Mage! Good job there Bliz!

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#2 - 2012/08/30 04:16:00 PM
We're working on Kill Command for Dragon Soul. It works fine on all of the level 90 raid bosses.

As we often caution, there is a big difference between target dummies and raid bosses. We aren't going to (and don't want to!) guarantee that every spec does equal DPS on every encounter. We think it's interesting and fun that encounter mechanics can play into the strengths and weaknesses of various specs, so long as the delta isn't gigantic.

Also remember that while we test for a variety of skill levels, the numbers that tend to get tossed around are the highest possible numbers for a skilled player playing flawlessly. Very few of us can play flawlessly. Improving your individual play will almost always have a greater impact on your DPS than the kinds of buffs we typically hand out.