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#1 - 2012/08/27 07:57:00 PM
Dear Blizzard,

I firstly want to say I overall love everything you are doing with this upcoming expansion and think it will pan out to be one of the better expansions. As a long time Vanilla player I have to say I appreciate all the hardwork you guys have put into making this game fun and always pushing to add new and creative things to the game.

Now to the point, when I heard that you guys where implementing accout wide /character wide achievements I was beyond excited and happy and I was down right jubelent ! Only to have my hopes so throughly crushed ><. As it stands I have multiple warriors as its my favorite class and ultimately the only class I play, I basically have more warriors alts than other class alts.

The reason I am sad is because on my original warrior that I first created he got to rank 10 or 11 and meets the requirements to be able to Xmog the oldschool level 60 PVP gear (which looks amazing btw haha ). My other new main warrior though in which I have most my achievements and the most progressed with was created after Vanlla and thus does not have the option to xmog the gear that I rightfully earned. I was hoping that this new feature would rectify this only to find to my dismay that I would still not be able to xmog my gear on my main warrior.

I really really hope you guys will rethink your stance on this restriction if you spent the time and effort back in vanilla (which I did) why am I not being equally rewarded? I am not even asking for it on a different class I just want to be able to xmog the gear on the same class that happens to be a different toon :).

Anyways long story short I am sure other people share in this sentiment and would agree with me. Ultimately if you spent the time and effort back in vanilla to grind up the ranks you should be rewarded I had legitmate reasons for leveling multiple warriors back in the day given that server/ faction/ and PVE > PVP xfers didnt always exist.

Anyways I would love to see people share their opinions either pro or con as to what they think.

With that said I stll am super happy with everything you are doing and will be playing regardless of this one disappoiting occurence haha... Cheers !

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#4 - 2012/08/27 08:38:00 PM
I find "debacle" to be a bit of an overstatement. Transmog didn't even exist before patch 4.3. You now have the ability to customize your armor which effectively didn't exist before. It's challenging to characterize the fact that the rules aren't as permissive as you want them to be as a nerf. I also suspect we will keep making the transmog rules more permissive over time. Changing those rules would also have more impact in a later patch than they would today when they'll get swallowed up by massive number of systems changes about to drop in the game.