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#1 - 2012/08/25 01:34:00 PM
you have to know the meaning of to be able to understand this.

MoP is nothng but a colorful empty box.

expansion betas on wow have become an alternative to the very empty and boring end of any expansion...lucky ones get to play 4 month earlier..enjoying features like pre-made top lvl fully geared toons of their classes of choice and more....blizz even goes the extra mile to spice things up for them with "god mode "buged" weapons" and more! heard of the wow player base are stuck in the grind loop....and everyone is happy and buying MoP and !@#$....i dont approve.

as for elite raiding guilds, world first kills and hyped average pvp player...

"elite" guilds...empty hype...they practice on the content for 4 month and hype their world first killl like its something to be proud of?...they just geared like monkeys for weeks to get that !@#$ a good grinder...

guild: our numbers show that x,y,z and we think that these a,b,c things should be looked at.

blizz: ok, we will get right on it.

next beta build ptach notes say something like:

"we have fixed an issue with a secret chest that gives you never ending XP gain in a click"

beating modern hc raids is about 2 things: gear & practice time on any given boss.

4 month of practicing fight mechanics has nothing to do with it?...these guilds are elite grinding guilds..i respect the first guild that did not do any raiding on beta and got a world first hc raid boss...thats something to be proud is just empty hype.

i would be happy to the extreme if you manage to name one world first from wrath/cata that wassnt killed by a 4 month raiding beta guild who end up just about grinding fast...since once they got the gear...the boss is dead...they did kill it many time while "testing" for the past 4 month.

imagine this if you will...

chat box:
server alert: tonight X instance will be open for public testing from 19:00 to 22:00
mean while in trade chat: how do i get to pandaria from org?
mean while in an elite guild chat: !@#$ is going down tonight! we got it to phase 3 with everyone alive last night..its a sure kill tonight.

and your saying normal players on beta can also test stuff just as much?? players without their live raiding guild, with special "testing" raids they get all over the place..try joining a raid full of LFR dumbed down raidng skills...and you think a team like that can stand a chance vs a new boss encounter that most of the raid dosnt knows the tactics for and is just the normal beta tourist.

n cata beta elite guilds where given gear to test encounters and and also for sales promotions like the live event they did in some game fair taking place at the time...they streamed for my realm showing one of the major raid guilds fighting deathwing or something while he was trying to attack org.

also in cata beta that same that same guild had "special time alone with the raid instance on days where the other players dont get to raid.

this is first hand stuff...i did talk to some of them.

yes calling them elites for the fact that blizz are givin them the perks needed to be "elite" in this kind of wanna be skill based game....yes.. "im playing a game about skills" first world first! done spending my time on a goals that make me feel and look stupid a few years after.."name one that isnt "i am 2.9k arena player"...failing to mention you end up playing unbalanced bg's filled with grinders ranging from green/bluse lvling gear sets and up to last expansion 2nd tier best armor...and you feel good when you own stuff just thanks to the gear gap being in your favor this time..i killed that player...he is trash..."fails to notice said player has 0 pvp gear" in wow bg you could be killing the best wow pvp player..if he hppens to be not on par with the ever lasting race for gear..a game where even the most skilled player will end as being free kills major ego boosts to yet another "i got kill blow" player .
blizz devs fart in the general direction of the player base....go grind 5k critters to have that one of 6k icons in that unused interface tab of your toon ..thats %^-*ting on my type of player while being able to make entire guilds gather for mass critter farming like its the hot new thing to do...

wow claims to be skill based...tons of over hyped and sponsored pvp and pve players...yes...swifty...he is a good player...lets all spamm his chat while he makes yet another MoP class review showing how little he knows of the game even in terms relevant to pvp...and he gets endless likes and comments couse he gives low quality over priced gaming equipment manufacture for gaming supllies aimed at leet kids...i have a ligitec with enough buttons...their design is way better in term of button placement and !@#$...and lower price better products over all...but for wow players...its all about the hype... there are far bette cheaper options... but for a wow player...Naga is the %^-*...cause somene saied..going to the store nt even looking on the other shelves checking out options...they know they what what everyone must be best...
and just to not have people say "why are you telling us all that?"

i'll add that

i use logitec...i hate razor.
i play gw2...i hate wow.


i want everyone to be as angry as i am about the issues iv been addressing in the past days of being back to forums activity since not here to win hearts hear to make people doubt all these WoW mechanics that became unjustifiably blindly accepted by player base for even a second
but for wow fans it will always be the lame logic of::
oh its an mmo?..gets "-50 just for not being wow"...its alot like wow in some apsects? "-50 points for it must be a clone"...great critical thinking tools ...really...its not wow...its bound to fail...come rescue blizz more cause they treat you like the king that you are... wow player logic in action is justifying everything about it just not make his life's work be for nothing...go argue with that?
wtf is a wow clone anyway??..iv been playing D&D as a kid...flame for my age now......i was into this !@#$...i know you didn invent wont fool me anymore.

i want to feel like blizz cares about me... as a soon to be ex- 7 years player can i ask for that? when playing the most expensive pc game in known history, i think it seems fair to me.

do you agree?

as for beta testing..anything will do...they look at coding aspects like 85% of the time...but im talking about major game improvements and new game features development....and maybe update this outdated game model they work blizz HQ they believe that if gear becomes longer lasting and you wont be trapped in the grind loop, you'l stop playing wow....i had enough of those "good business choices" expansion...i want one of those first expansion BC "good game choices" type of expansion.

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25/08/2012 15:08Posted by Rosenthal
im always right ...i never need to back my claims to get my point cool like that.

And that my friend is how you lose credibility!

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