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#1 - 2012/08/26 03:00:00 PM
I've played WoW since November of 2007 until cataclysm came out in 2010. I really enjoyed playing but I couldn't justify paying for play time after I purchased Lich King and Cataclysm for the Full price. I'd like to play the game I paid for without paying money to actually play the game. EA and Bioware realize this problem. I feel like all I want to play at the moment are free to play games like Diablo 3. Having put enough money up for WoW though (I've purchased ingame pets) I feel if Blizzard wants to do the right thing they should open this world up for free to play. I'm not against having to pay for an option subscription where you get something more from the game, but after playing for 3 years I just can't justify paying to play. Yes, I believe I paid more than what the game has given back.

It is unlikely I'm going to purchase Mists of Pandoria unless the game goes free to play. I can go see 10 movies over the course of 6 months instead :).

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#59 - 2012/08/26 05:50:00 PM
08/26/2012 08:00 AMPosted by Zughzugh
I'd like to play the game I paid for without paying money to actually play the game.

While I can only say so much about this, I would like to comment on what subscription costs generally pay for: customer support.

So, I suppose a "free" version of WoW might limit your Support options to self-service (or remove all ability for support at all). Making WoW free would radically adjust the support model for the game -- think Diablo III. Just a thought.

Additionally, I have seen several threads in the General forums related to a "loyalty program" request, specifically geared toward customers who have been playing for a long time. Perhaps that's a suggestion to raise there?

Lastly, I'll be moving this thread over to General Discussion so this conversation can continue in the correct environment. :)