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#1 - 2012/08/19 02:36:00 PM
Currently dungeons are a joke, whether Wrath normals or Cata heroics - it's a matter of pulling groups and blasting them to bits, you occasionally have to move a few yards out of the fire, not that it kills you half the time.

Cata release was hard, I agree - and however much I liked the exclusivity it wasn't good for everyone. I remember clearing SFK Heroic and being damn happy with the 346 blue weapon, it was good and earned well.

Why cannot we have a compromise?

Dungeons, Heroic Dungeons and Raids should NOT allow AFKing or total ignorance, you don't have to be a fantastic player to move from fire and use polymorph.

These are my suggestions:

1: Bosses have larger health pools, or at least the health pools must be buffed as patches/expansion progress. Talents, moves, gear and nerfs mean we can steamroll through dungeon bosses in under a minute, ignoring all tactics - this is not a good thing.

2: Consequentiality is required - misspulls, lack of CC (every class has it now) and general idiocy should result in wipes.

3: Aggro - I tank on 4 characters, on none of them do I need to pay attention to aggro, whether single-target or groups. I can Swipe, or Pestilence, or Thunder Clap, as for my Paladin I barely do anything. Why not dumb down tank aggro so both parties have to pay attention when they play the game.

4: It's obvious just talking with guild mates and people I'm partied with that the general consensus is that there should be a bit of a challenge in any PvE content, if Mists of Pandaria isn't any harder then any PvE under Heroic level dungeons will hold no sense of achievement.

I swear the nerfs are to make it more friendly to those not raiding the harder stuff, but making it this easy just means if you're not the top tier of PvE, then content isn't fun.
We can see it in LFR, I join a group as dps, I pull 13k and we down the first 4 Dragon Soul bosses in about 40 minutes, no wipes - this is ridiculous.

Feedback please, rant over.

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#46 - 2012/08/23 05:03:00 PM
20/08/2012 17:48Posted by Pämela
They aren't AoE fests? They are actually as hard as the TBC ones? Can you also run them to gear up? Do they continue to drop the same items as the normal version? I'd much rather gear up like that!

Challenge dungeons don't drop upgrades. Actually, there's a mechanic in place that normalizes your gear, so that no matter what you have (that is, if you overgear it), you'll have the same difficulty you did before.

When you add the fact you'll be able to compare your times against other groups in your same realm, I'd say that might open up a very interesting competition to see which 5-man group is the best of the realm!

And as the reward for completing challenge dungeons, you'll have transmogrifiable gear. For example, the warlock challenge set has a close resemblance to Illidan's outfit (horns, tattoos and all). If you happen to have access to the Mists of Pandaria beta, you can check which gear you may acquire from the Challenge Dungeon vendor inside your faction city :-)

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#67 - 2012/08/24 11:59:00 AM
24/08/2012 12:26Posted by Muddler
By that I mean, it would have been nice if there was the option to run the Challenge modes as part of progression. Maybe JP for bronze, VP for silver and both for gold? Hell, I'm making it up, but hipefully I'm a bit clearer this time.

There's a daily quest that will reward you valor points for completing that day's challenge dungeon :-)

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#73 - 2012/08/24 03:19:00 PM
24/08/2012 13:31Posted by Thewaylander
i want soem challenging 5 man content, not a race content i play with my 70 year retired father, he can complete challenging content but can not rush cotnent making the challenge modes pointless and the heroics dull for us.

Although in challenge dungeons you're competing against the clock, these are tuned harder than heroics and in some cases there're additional pulls and even boss mechanics. So hopefully it'll be content that you find challenging! :-)