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#1 - 2012/08/22 01:49:00 PM
Hey, in patch 5.0.4, i have a few questions

1) Will we get MoP talents
2) If yes do we get MoP stats/glyphs.
3) How large will the update be?

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#4 - 2012/08/22 01:59:00 PM
The update is going to be quite large and the background downloader should already be preparing you for the 29 of August :) It will be approximately 6GB in size and will include all of the Mists of Pandaria content including Talents, Glyphs and stats.

You will need to wait for the release of Mists of Pandaria to play Pandaren and you must upgrade your account to play a monk. WoWjuju has a nice article about what to expect and how to prepare for the 5.0.4 patch if you want to check that out:

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#38 - 2012/08/22 03:38:00 PM
My apologies everyone, you are indeed correct and I am confusing my facts >.< I have now corrected my post to reflect the real information. As was already said, I am only human :(

22/08/2012 14:59Posted by Nakatoir
You will need to wait for the release of Mists of Pandaria to play Pandaren and you must upgrade your account to play a monk.

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#43 - 2012/08/22 05:42:00 PM
Hey again guys, just wanting to let you know as I was not precise in my original post, the 21GB download is only if you are doing a completely fresh installation. If you are patching to 5.0.4 from the current patch then it is a great deal smaller, approximately 6GB. :)

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#67 - 2012/08/23 10:03:00 AM
22/08/2012 18:57Posted by Nzall
does this 6 GB include the background downloader data that's already available? or is it 6 GB excluding the 6 GB some of us already downloaded via the background downloader?
The 6GB download I am referring to is the one coming from the background download :)

22/08/2012 20:00Posted by Treeroy
My WoW folder is currently 120GB big.

*Jaw hits the floor*
Wow, that is huge. That would be because of one of two reasons, either you have far too many addons or your launcher is not automatically optimizing. Make sure you run the launcher and not the client directly and if it does not optimize, delete the patching files from old updates. Also check the size of (and possibly clean out your) interface folder :)

23/08/2012 01:36Posted by Opeks
How do I start the background downloader? Or how do I tell if I have already finished downloading it?

It is a sneaky little thing and hard to notice. In the launcher next to the "play" button it will say "Downloading data for the next update". You can see its progress by clicking the "Info" drop down and choosing "Connection info".

Hope that helps, if it you need more assistance or information you can always contact our friendly support staff for more help :)

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#87 - 2012/08/23 06:01:00 PM
23/08/2012 17:21Posted by Treeroy
Nothing is pre-downloading this patch for me. Am I missing out on something?

Are you sure that your background downloader is not downloading it?

You can also check in your launcher that you have the correct options enabled. Depending on your preferences you can set it up to download while the launcher is open, while playing the game or even after you close it down as well. To access these options, click the "options" drop down and then select "Downloader Preferences". No matter what though, the background downloader will run while you have the launcher open :)

Ashenpheonix did a nice post on how you can see if you have the patch downloaded or not. I recommend that you take a look at it:

How can I see, if I have still the patches from old updates?

And how can I delete them safely?

In your WoW root folder there will be "WoW-[Patch number]-[Language]-patch" application files, just delete those to remove the old patch files.

23/08/2012 12:59Posted by Nzall
thanks for clarifying. so there won't be another big download when 5.0.4 hits? or mostly a few hundred megabytes?

At most there will be something very minor, there should not be any major downloads after you get this one :)