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#1 - 2012/08/22 02:40:00 AM

After the events that are coming ... Dalaran should be Alliance!

When Jaina takes over Rhonin's position, she shouldn't allow the Horde (who destoryed her home!) to be in Dalaran!

Makes no sense!

Dalaran should be in Dustwallow Marsh, guarded by Alliance soliders ... maybe it can rest in the crater or something. Dalaran can still exisit in Northrend (still having Rhonin) cause it's stuck in the past.

I mean, after her descion to allow Orgimmar to not be completly destroyed ... she isn't all "ZOMG I WUV YOU" to the Horde now, she wants to kill them still! Why should she let them into the city now?

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#24 - 2012/08/22 03:46:00 AM
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