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#1 - 2012/08/13 04:37:00 PM
This thread is for everyone who think that Alliance is good and Horde is Evil.

Only because one faction is blue and the other is red, doesn't mean that it's good and evil.
Is Thrall evil? No. He's one of the most kind and helpful npc's ingame.
Is/was Cairne evil? No. Also a very good person/cow.
Is Vol'Jin evil? No. he is a very cool character who doesn't betray his allies.
Is Sylvanas evil? No. Only because she looks like a zombie doesn't mean she is evil. She was a former Blood Elf. And she still acts the same. Just looks different. And all the undead aren't evil either. They are almost all former humans. And they're still like that.
Lor'themar Theron (Blood Elf) evil? No. He just wants to bring his people into a brighter future after all that has happened to them.
Is Garrosh evil? Yes and no. He is corrupted by demon blood but still wouldn't betray his people. And yes, he wants war but all orcs hate Humans because of the orc slavery thing.

Please keep the chat mature and don't change the subject. :)

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#303 - 2012/08/17 01:50:00 PM
This kind of duality exists in almost every kind of epic storyline that involves factions at war. Eventually it comes down to a simpler question, does the concept of absolute evil and good even exist? There are plenty of books trying to answer that simple question, so I’m not going into that.
I’d rather just say that to me Horde does seem more evil than Alliance, but that’s mostly due to aesthetics, think about the Forsaken and the Undercity, I mean, it’s undeniable that Horde looks are meant to be evil looking, names also. Except maybe Taurens, they’re just too cute in their own hairy and beastly way.

It’s like someone already said, it’s a grey and ambiguous area, when you belong to a certain faction you always tend to view an enemy’s faction as evil, which in turn means that you feel like the opposite of evil, and since every faction feels that way…
I’d stick with they’re evil-looking and probably have a bit more evil in them than most Alliance, except gnome warlocks, these are the most devilish, nefarious and heinous creatures in Azeroth there is.

I don’t meant to delve into lore here, I’m sure that those who are really into it will present proofs backed up by lore facts to prove their arguments; this is just meant to be more of a general perception or impression that I get from Horde while playing WoW for so many years.
This is actually a really fun thread to read, many interesting arguments being made ;)

The duality will last until the war ends, and the presence of war in Warcraft is simply inextricable...