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#1 - 2012/08/14 04:40:00 AM
So i've made some posts regarding the feel of Shadow (Cata/Wrath) being gone and formed into an entirely new class. There seems to be quite a few people who agree with these thoughts and have expressed their discontent with these changes. After doing some Beta testing today, i'm even more disturbed by these changes. A nuke that takes nearly 20 seconds to use off the pull and then nearly 30 seconds to cast every time after that.

This is logs from the Beta testing I was able to make using a combination of every talent set up at 75 and 45 except Shadow Word: Insanity. Devouring Plague feels extremely weak for an on average 28 second cooldown. Shadow Word: Death again, extremely weak with 90k hits and that is our execute ability. I'll avoid the usual shot inducing chants and instead ask this question: given the numbers you see in the logs that have been linked, are you happy with the numbers that Shadow is doing in comparison to other classes?

We are mid pack on single target currently and excel on multi target fights now, in MoP from the time with other Spriests recently and the talks i've had, we agree that our damage feels lacking. We feel we should be on similar grounds to Warlocks since they are a dot class as well and that Affliction has captured the essence of Shadow, the playstyle that has had so many of us playing it and enjoying the class.

So those logs are with 28000 spell power for a basis on the damage with 23.15% haste and 19% mastery and 15% crit in heroic scaling. Ghostcrawler responded with a statement to the effect that the devs were happy but i'm not a total believer on this.

I’ll argue with it. Slyck was the only one to try and post numbers in this thread, and those logs show Shadow doing well on Will of the Emperor and less well on Grand Empress. But there is also a mage and a warrior down there with the priest, and you would have to dig into these logs more thoroughly anyway, since Grand Empress puts debuffs on casters than can cause them to go stand in the corner for periods of time. I’m not sure what the argument is with the Feng parse. The priest seem to be in the pack with many other classes. Slyck’s argument is that their damage barely goes up in execute range, but it does go up, and seems to mirror that of the warriors, who have a great execute.

Also keep in mind, many buffs and nerfs have gone out since these parses were made (partially as a response to all of the raid parses we got). We’re going to be doing some more raid tests this week, so we’ll get more data. Please keep an eye on it.

Have the Devs gone through and tested numbers that we have posted to see if they are correct? Do you feel we are scaling appropriately with the logs linked in this post? Do you think that Devouring Plague does the damage of a spell that takes nearly 30 seconds to use should do? Does Shadow Word: Death do the damage of a spell that has a 10 second cooldown and can only be used during the same timing as other classes executes does the amount of damage it should in your plan? Overall looking at the numbers listed, can you say that Shadow is where you want it to be come live?

If the answers to this are yes, I will be joining the other priests who are planning to level other toons for Mists of Pandaria until Shadow is competitive again. Right now my Warlock is looking rather good due to the playstyle of Affliction that is based off of Shadow.

If you agree with these concerns, please post logs or say so here. Don't post the usual "You have no idea what you're saying...etc" because then our post gets ignored. Keep this to the point and back up everything with logs, which is something that is much harder to argue with. If we give them the information they need to see our concerns, the better the chance is that we will see an improvement. As far as I can tell, we're being nerfed due to our ability to live forever in PvP and due to lack of PvE feedback, nothing is being done to help our side.

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#20 - 2012/08/14 11:18:00 PM
I'm done trying to bring attention to the issues with Shadow in a PvE setting with yet another round of nerfs. I guess I need to pick a new main for Mists as I have provided evidence of the issues with Shadow and the numbers we are putting out. I would like to know why we continue to get nerfed over and over again.

How can you justify yourselves? Why are you constantly nerfing us? Have you changed around how a Spriest is supposed to play and feel so much that you completely forgot what to do with us? You say bring the player not the class correct? How do you expect me to take comfort in this motto you want to live up to when the class is imbalanced? How can we enjoy ourselves if we are so lackluster?

So far, since priests are just garbage class now, I'll turn my legendary raider into a farmer and Rper. So sad to see this but, he's not raid worthy when 5.0 comes out.

These are not helpful posts. Every time we have to read posts like this is time we are not spending working on the game. Please don't use this forum to vent.