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#1 - 2012/08/14 04:09:00 PM
Now I know in beta we can have up to 3 of the same kind of pets except C.E. pets, but I wanted to double check.

1) . Will we be able to have 3 pets of each from Quests? Say I do a quest and get a pet, will my alt be able to do that quest and get the pet also?

2). Darkmoon Faire pets, will I be able to buy with my tokens say 3 of the same darkmoon faire pets?

3). Pets that drop off a hoilday boss, say I already got the christmas pet last year from the boss, would that toon that got it be able to get it again or a alt and keep it?

4). ICC pets, buy 40 tokens and get a pet, can I have 3 of the same kind for ICC pets?

5). Childern week pets, say I have been doing childern's week since day 1 and I have ALL the pets already, will i be able to get a second pet of the same next year? And/or a alt does the weekly quest, will they be able to get the pet the second time around?

I really like to know the answers before I get some of the above, nothing worst than spending time or marks/tokens and I will be unable to learn a duplicate pet from a quest/ICC/hoilday boss or childern week!

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#2 - 2012/08/14 07:04:00 PM
The only pets that are flagged as unique are in the categories listed below. This can of course change at any time, but this is what we are looking at for MoP release currently.

  • Achievement Pets
  • Blizzard Pet Store Pets
  • Promotional Pets
  • Guild Pets
    Everything else will be allowed up to 3x of the same pet.

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    #11 - 2012/08/16 06:28:00 PM
    TCG pets are not promotional, you will be able to have up to 3x of each of them if you wish.