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#1 - 2012/08/08 03:19:00 PM
I have paladin, druid, warrior and death knight tank. I have not bothered to gear this Death Knight with tanking gear. Then and now I join a pug with this fully PvP geared Death Knight.

Several times I have gotten: "Omg, the tank has PvP gear", and then the healer leaves.

In my opinion I am overgeared for these dungeons. I can solo some packs if I manage my cooldowns efficiently, and do not even take that much damage compared to my other tank classes.

Would I do better in PvE gear? Sure, but the dungeons are so easy that I don`t have to use better gear. Also I learn more this way, now that I have to efficiently manage my cooldowns ... instead of just standing there and not using any of the skills.

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#35 - 2012/08/13 03:37:00 PM
This is basically a matter of PvE vs PvP gear discussion, I’ve seen my share of players’ reactions to Tanks in LFG that were in full PvP gear and I must say I do understand them, although I do not necessarily agree with them.
In general terms, PvE gear is better for PvE, I think we can all agree on that.

You’ll find players that just generally dislike PvP and all things PvP related, so just based on that, they will tell you that it doesn’t matter what ilvl your PvP gear has, they won’t heal you with that gear, although they would have no problems with you being in full PvE gear even if each piece was 50 ilvls lower, that’s just the (unfortunate) clash of certain groups of pure PvP/PvE communities, those arguments will usually fail the logic test, but they’re somewhat understandable, if you show up with full PvP gear, some players might think that you never do PvE content, so maybe they will think that you won’t know how to tank that particular instance and will try to avoid a starting a bad experience. That’s the problem with random players, since you don’t know them, you can either give them a chance to prove themselves first or evaluate them based on the data you have available, that usually means looking at gear.

You will also find players that as long as you have a tanking spec and know how to tank properly, they won’t mind your PvP gear, they will evaluate the difficulty of the dungeon and as long as your gear has a high enough ilvl for the heroic to go smoothly, they won’t complain.
Personally I enjoy pushing my healing to the limit so I would probably give you a couple of chances before I say anything about your gear, but this is because I also think heroics are there as a first step to get PvE gear and in your specific case, the PvP gear seems good enough.
I wouldn’t like it if you were in a raid though (normal/heroic).