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#1 - 2012/08/11 11:27:00 PM
Okay, since I've been waiting for a good amount of time now in hope of CMs to extend the previous thread post limit, without any luck, I chose to continue it here since I feel that some people still have a saying in this matter, and every voice should be heard.

You can find the original thread here:
(All credits go to Cake for creating the original thread)

I'll continue with the reply I have been holding for the last many hours.

11/08/2012 20:25Posted by Sparkbark
All I can see with this idea is hardcores wanting more shiny pixels to wave in everyone else's faces.

What pixels are you referring to exactly?

11/08/2012 20:25Posted by Sparkbark
Having seperate realms for hardcores would also fracture the realm communities even more.

Now, again, this is not a realm for "Hardcore" players, no where does it say anything about "Hardcore" players. Where exactly are you getting this idea?
This would be a realm for people seeking out a challenge.

11/08/2012 20:25Posted by Sparkbark
I'd rather see more time and resources being put into MORE content, rather than even more versions of old raids to make the vocal minority feel good about themselves.

Okay, tell me how a LFR version of each raid is "More content"?
Are you really happy with having 3 difficulties of viable end-game raiding?
I know I'm not. I would rather that a vast amount of the expansion raid dungeons to be viable in 2 difficulties rather than having 1 viable raid in 3 difficulties.

And you wouldn't know if you would actually notice that they put time and resources into making these realms come true.
Only Blizzard knows, so please, pleeease don't use resources and time as an argument, because you simply don't know what it would take to do this.

This has been debated and explained so many times for the past 50 pages, so I think that this..

11/08/2012 20:25Posted by Sparkbark
Of course I understand the idea.

.. is a bit of an overstatement :-)

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#79 - 2012/08/13 03:16:00 PM
13/08/2012 15:43Posted by Cleggy
. The whole make lvling harder I agree with but that should be on all servers.

Although it's not really related to the thread, the developers agree that the low level experience (for levels 1-20) is a bit easy at times. And that comes from the fact they don't want to scare new players off.

However, they feel there needs to be some fear of death, and they've been working to increase the pressence of creatures and try to make the world feel more dangerous in several places (particularly in that level 1-20 range), as well as in the level 85-90 zones.

While the developers don't want to make it frustrating, you should notice (and if you've been in the beta you've probably experienced it already) that the 85-90 zones require much more attention regarding where your character is, what's surrounding you and how many mobs you can take at the same time.