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#1 - 2012/08/10 02:11:00 PM
Okay. 80% of the people I know on this game (90% on the forums) have either:

1. Been playing since vanilla
2. Been playing since vanilla beta
3. Been playing since the start of TBC

As far as I know the game has grown a lot from vanilla/TBC to this day, how is it possible that almost everyone says he's been playing since vanilla?
Also, all those people say they miss vanilla. I never met anyone saying "I play since vanilla and it sucked back then".
I think a lot of people say vanilla was better because it's what the cool kids say, maybe they never actually experienced it.

When did you start playing? I started in the end of WotLK.

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#252 - 2012/08/13 12:53:00 PM
I like the memories which those days gave me. Signing on to my first big guild. Spending a whole night gathering the mats for my first head enchant. Being taught the Grim Guzzler stealth run. Looking for hours for a group to Strath/Scholo.

However, I am not sure I'd enjoy it as much now - having seen how the game (and others) have developed, and how they offer a much wider range of game elements now.

I started in April '05 and have plenty of memories from those days. My first dungeon run (Deadmines), those long evenings on BRD, UBRS, Baron runs, MC... And as fun as they were, and as much as I enjoy remembering that experience, I agree with that sentiment. It's been 7 years, we've moved on, and I'd rather look to what the future holds. What was right back in 2005 just wouldn't work today (much like what was right in 1998 wouldn't have worked in 2005).

I still remember the reaction when we (the players) were told that 40 man raiding was being downsized to 25 man raids. Some people complained because they felt that 40-man raids were barely epic (in their opinion) already, as considered that the truly epic were 72-man raids that other games had. However, these days everyone is defending that 25-man raiding is more epic than 10-man and arguing that 40-man was just too big...

I'd even dare to say that what makes those memories so great is the simple fact that you can't relive them easily. Sure, I can pick up my copy of X classic game from the 90's, plug it in and replay the game. But that sense of mistery and going blindly into something that is entirely new is just not going to come back on that particular case.

That's one of the reasons why I'm so looking forward to Mists of Pandaria and all the new features that will come along. Pandaria (the continent) itself is just gorgeous and there's plenty of content to explore and discover.

And since all the way to level 90 we'll have to use ground mounts, it will be even easier to notice those small details that add to the gameplay experience to make it even better.