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#1 - 2012/08/10 06:14:00 PM
It has begun. :D

***Please review the following Info***

Download Size
There seems to be some confusion on the size of the download.
If you have Cataclysm installed and patched up-to-date, you already have somewhere around 14.9GB (Cata sized), or roughly 70% of this download on your computer (No, it's not re-downloading all 21GB, contrary to what you may hear or perceive). Your actual download will be approx. 6GB to make it a total of 21GB or 100% (MoP sized). The downloader's numbers can be confusing, but here's a simple overview of the download's progress. The percentages shown below can be viewed in your launcher's Info>Connection Info menu, and then viewing the "Completed:" section on the top left side.

70% means Cata is installed and patched, and should show 14.9GB of 21GB

The new MoP download starts @ the 70% mark (not at 0%)

70% ==> 100% is the range of the MoP Update downloading, up to the 21GB total

How to Opt-Out / Stop the Download
For those of you wishing to opt out of downloading the current patch due to data limits, storage availability, etc., but you still want to play the game, go to your launcher's options menu>downloader preferences and make sure all of the boxes are NOT checked. Quit the launcher, then navigate to your Wow.exe, usually found at C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Wow.exe
and use it to launch your game. You can also copy and paste it to your desktop as a shortcut.
Just remember, once the update goes live on the servers, you will be required to update your game in order to play, so at some point in time you will have to download this update. Be sure to recheck the appropriate boxes in the launcher's preference menu when you do.

Direct Download Links
See Bluspacecow's post on downloading the individual files vs the one big download, with direct links provided to the separate files.

For those of you with launcher issues or are having problems downloading, check the Tech Support forum for resolutions, there are several threads that already exist, some with a fix posted for that issue.
Tech Support Forum
Also, take note of Zarhym's post in this thread, located here
It links to background downloader information and some FAQs that can be useful.

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#40 - 2012/08/10 08:33:00 PM
I'm just popping in here to confirm that the background download for Mists of Pandaria content has begun.

It's like September 25 is getting closer every day... (!)


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#71 - 2012/08/10 09:06:00 PM
By the way, answers to a lot of common questions about the Blizzard Background Downloader can be found here:

It's a good read for troubleshooting and general information. <3

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#122 - 2012/08/11 12:22:00 AM
08/10/2012 04:32 PMPosted by Stabetha
any info as to the end of the pvp season ?

We'll notify you. :)