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#1 - 2012/08/05 10:15:00 AM
I am not sure where exactly to post this, but I have thought of this since the beginning of Cata, when I turned my Toon into Worgen.

I would love my Worgen to be completely white - I picked the brightest skin color I could, but it's light grey. But how cool wouldn't it be, if Worgens could be completely white, with blue eyes, or red eyes etc. Albino white, such as one of the Tauren skins. (My tauren also had complete white skin, when I played it)

It is not because I have super strict preferences, and the gear mostly cover up the character anyway - But it would just be cool, since a lot of Worgens look the same, and the other of the Worgens I have, are shades of black - then my main as white would be awesome, to have a bit of variety.

Edit: So, how's the future looking for this suggestion for WoD. I believe this suggestion is widely supported :P Crosses dark worgen fingers.

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#20 - 2012/08/10 09:33:00 AM
Hi Monsterbaby,

It’s a cool idea and we might consider it for the future, although right now, we don’t really have any plans to implement additional worgen color options.