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#0 - 2010/09/18 03:48:45 AM
I will be brief and go right to the case.

Recently Blackmorgrim posted some calculations on ( ) regarding Shadow Orb's scaling compared to haste / crit and confirmed what we've been worried about - Mastery (Shadow Orbs) is scaling about half as good as haste, making it very undesirable stat for any raiding Shadow Priest.

Now before you start yelling at me "this is Beta!" and numbers aren't balanced in public build - I'm well aware of that, just raising my concern. Also because simple number adjustment might not be enough due to "Mind Blast hitting to hard in PvP" reason.

Calculations in the original topic showed a player would need about 9600 haste and crit rating in order to make Mastery equal in term of dps gain. Which is horrifying.
There is also a spreadsheet available for download in the original thread if anyone is interested in double checking Blackmorgrim's math, but as far as I know, his math has always been rock solid.

As things stand due to significantly lower (about half) desirability of Mastery on gear, every single item a Shadow Priests loots will have to be reforged from Mastery to hit/haste/crit.

Summed up - Mastery is currently VERY undesirable stat for raiding Shadow Priests, the boost it provides should be significantly increased or Shadow Priests will be avoiding the stat as plague.

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From my calculations about Shadow Orbs, Mastery does increase linearly with Mastery rating.

At 0 Haste, and 0 Mastery Rating; our mastery increases MB damage by around 27.44%
At 0 Haste, 179 Mastery Rating; our mastery increases MB damage by around 30.87%
So 1 mastery point translates to a 3.43% increase to MB damage.

At 30% Haste, and 0 Mastery Rating; our mastery increases MB damage by around 34.89%
At 30% Haste, and 179 Mastery Rating; our mastery increases MB damage by around 39.25%
So 1 mastery point translates to a 4.36% increase to MB damage.

I use 0% and 30% to set a range for our mastery scaling, as it does scale in relation to haste differently from say crit, because haste increases both the rate of orb production, as well as the rate of casting MB. So mastery double dips on haste to a minor degree.

MB is roughly 15% of our dps still, this does vary with haste levels to a degree as well, but its much harder to set up that range.

But roughly speaking, for 179 Mastery Rating or 1 mastery point, its about a 0.514% - 0.654% increase to our dps. Crit increases dps by 1% per 179 rating, Haste increases DPS by 1% for every 128 Rating. (at 85)

If we consider 30% haste/crit to me the maximum we expect to see around endgame, this would put total ratings on gear within 3840 to 5370.

Using the rough equation of (1+(M/27370)) * (1+(H/12800)) * (1+(C/17900)) to determine the relative damage bonus of the three ratings.

You can have 5370 Haste and Crit, with 0 Mastery, and Haste and Crit will still scale better than Mastery.

As things stand you would need around 9600 Haste and Crit before Mastery breaks even.

Quick Fixes could be

1) Increasing orb proc rate with mastery. Downside being a period of exponential scaling of the stat at lower levels, until a player begins to hit the 'soft cap' around 22-25% orb proc rate where orbs are produced faster than they can be used. Mind spike could of course be used to burn excess orbs, but this in turn reduces orb production, thus lowering the scaling of mastery as well.

2) Increasing the bonus of the damage multiplier. Downside here would be treading dangerous waters of pvp burst. While mastery is supposed to be excluded from pvp gear, enchants and reforging are always options.

Other than that, you'd have to add additional functionality to our mastery so that it increases more of our damage sources.

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#20 - 2010/09/20 05:51:15 PM
It's easy to increase the bonus per mastery point for Shadow if crit ends up being a far better stat. It's a little trickier to get Shadow (or any dot class) to devalue haste.