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#0 - 2010/08/20 03:18:09 AM
Now that many new user interface features have been implemented and are nearing completion, we'd like to get your focused feedback about their functionality and look. Here is a list of the latest features we feel are pretty far along and want to know what you think.

  • Talent pane
  • Character sheet
  • Spellbook
  • Professions listings
  • Raid frame and raid panel
  • Threat indicators
  • Trainer windows and options
  • Tradeskill layouts
  • New class resources (i.e. druid Eclipse bar, paladin Holy Power bar, warlock Soul Shard bar)
  • Level-up notifications
  • Thaumaturgy (reforging)
  • Arena team interface
  • PvP queuing functionality
  • Spell button fly-outs (i.e. grouped mage Teleport/Portal, hunter pets, and warlock demon summons buttons)

Please keep feedback related specifically to the user interface. While other features or bugs may affect the user interface, we are looking for your thoughts on the design of the interface based on what is currently implemented. We will be updating this thread as new interface features are implemented.

To provide feedback about the guild interface, please refer to the following thread:

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#34 - 2010/08/20 10:25:18 PM
We've added threat indicators to the list as a feature we'd like to get feedback on as well. :)

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#36 - 2010/08/20 10:32:57 PM
Q u o t e:
In general, I would like to say that the new feel to the interface is awesome. Love the changes to the spellbook, talent frames, pvp ui, etc. However I noticed one thing seemed to be missing: Lock Picking. I looked all over the place and couldn't for the life of me find where my lock picking skill was displayed. It used to be in the Skills tab, but it seems with the removal of weapon skills that tab has been removed (and rightly so). If lock picking no longer needs to be leveled or if there is somewhere i can get that information, that would be good to know.

There is a task in to get this added. Nice catch! :)

Edit: To clarify, we're making it so Lockpicking automatically levels and will display in the Spellbook. This should be coming in the next patch.