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#1 - 2012/07/10 12:34:00 PM

I was wondering, are they gonna replace 'Every man for himself' human-racial in Mists of Pandaland.
Because I really don't like it that basicly every single team in arena contains 3 female humans in the team.

For example go look up arena ladders of vindication (Auchidion realm in general). It's basicly 99% female humans.


Give every race a racial trinket, and give humans a new/other racial ability.

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#48 - 2012/08/07 01:37:00 PM
I am going to perform a heinous crime right now and put the thread back on track :p

The main reason that players choose the human racial at the moment is to not take a medallion and get a PvE trinket instead. If you take a PvE trinket into a PvP environment in Mists though, you are sacrificing a lot. Not only to mention the base stats being added to medallions, but with PvP power being on them as well, which is an amazing stat, our intent is that PvP trinkets will be balanced out against their PvE counterparts.