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#1 - 2012/07/20 10:36:00 AM
IMO blanket silences should be unique to SP and moonkin if they're going to be in the game at all. In their current form, mages and warlocks are rewarded for missing an interrupt, even though their interrupt is already forgiving on it's CD cooldown when paired with all the stuns and CC they have.

I just don't think it's fair that on my boomkin I have to wait a minute to blanket silence and on my SP I have to wait 45 seconds when my warlock and mage can do it anyways AND also interrupt with the same button.

Bad gameplay shouldn't be rewarded. Blanket silences should be a niche for SP and moonkin in my opinion.

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#209 - 2012/08/07 01:33:00 PM
20/07/2012 13:13Posted by Zakkar
Blanket silences lower the skill floor because they are not counterable (read: powerful) yet they are very simple to use.

I agree with you, it's quite obvious that using silence requires less skill than using normal interrupts but PvP Balance is a very tricky subject to deal with and one that can get extremely complex given the colossal amount of abilities, classes and specs that need to be equalized. I think we have to put a little more faith into development, if silences still exist it's because in a proper testing environment they seem to make sense and be required, if they were to be removed, a lot of other changes would have to follow to make up for the CC loss it opened up on the classes that depended most on them.

For Mists of Pandaria, we’ve tried to reduce the amount of available interrupt abilities across the board, and we certainly don’t intend to increase the amount of silences that already exist.