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#1 - 2012/07/28 09:51:00 AM
weakened by capture really saps the fun out of finding new pets.
When leveling along for the first time finding new pets was exciting and allowed me to grow in level. Each new rare/uncommon pet I found was put to use climbing the ladder to a lvl 25 team.

Post weakened by capture, Finding a new pet is a non event. There's no joy in finding or beating a pet at equal or higher level because that pet is worthless to me without additional help and more importantly time. What's going to happen is ill pick team of pets with the right skills and just grind pet battles to 25. Sure I might capture some pets along the way but it wont be for some time before I actually go back to level them, if ever.

From my point of view reducing a the captured pet's level destroys its immediate usefulness. Which I understand was the point. I'm just trying to convey how that alters my behavior in the game and feelings about pet battling.

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#14 - 2012/08/04 02:08:00 AM
We have made a few adjustments to the both the weakened by capture pets and the overall XP curve. Details below!

  • Catching any pet level 15 or under retains its current level.
  • Catching a level 16-20 pet will lose 1 level.
  • Catching a level 21-25 pet will lose 2 levels.
  • We have dramatically reduced the XP required to level for pets after level 10.

      Thanks for all of your feedback on this stuff guys.