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#1 - 2012/08/03 12:18:00 PM
Hello, when I downloaded deadly boss mods an addon on curse I got some kind of "timer" which says when the boss will use its attacks, but it also seemed to be working in battlegrounds, a timer which said how long time left untill one team won.

I have seen somewhere where someone asked if "blahblahblah something" addon was allowed and I think some people said that all addons on curse is legal and that if a addon were illegal blizzard would block the addon so that it wouldnt work in the game.

But when I were doing eye of the storm the timer said "5:00" so I said in chat "hey everyone, we win in 5 min!" and a few people asked how I knew that and I said it was some kind of addon that could show the time on how long time left till a team won and they said
"OMG cheater! im going to report you for cheating!"

But I told them that im not cheating, its only a legal addon but they kept saying stuff like "Reported, friggen cheater, I hate cheaters like you, ruin the game" and such.

So is it really cheating or were they only a bunch of trolls? I have seen alot of people using this addon so I think its legal.

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#11 - 2012/08/03 01:51:00 PM
It's not cheating at all, don't worry, all the addon does is a calculation based on several variables to tell you when you should expect a given outcome if the variables remain constant. That's why sometimes the time on those addons isn't very accurate, because some of those variables are dependent on players behaviour and aren’t just a visual aid of fixed in-game timers, making an absolutely accurate result truly unpredictable.

So if for example you’re in Arathi Basin, your team has 5 nodes and the addon says you’re going to win in 1 minute, that’s only true if you keep those 5 nodes until the end, and that’s something the addon can’t really be sure about, so *it will only show a pseudo-prediction based on instantaneous information, if anything changes, the prediction changes as well.

*Thanks Ujellybrah!