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#1 - 2012/08/01 06:21:00 AM
Since I haven't seen anyone point out the ridiculousness of the recent buffs to hunters, let me break the ice with some logs from today's 25 man testing:

The Stone Guard --
Imperial Vizier Zor'lok --
Protectors of the Endless --
Feng the Accursed (perhaps the biggest imbalance) --
Garalon --
Tsulong --

So yeah, hunters are disgustingly overpowered. I have never seen such ridiculous imbalance in this game. These logs are not a representation of skill, they are a representation of said imbalance. My guild is ranked #6 in the US, I am not playing with a bunch of idiots. Everyone is really good at their class on live, and most people have done enough beta content to fully understand the changes to their class in MOP.

Honestly, Blizzard has been doing a really good job with fixing PVE for hunters. The removal of minimum range, the increased pet mobility, the addition of a 1 minute immune/damage reduction cooldown (via Deterrence), and the overall design of the raid encounters really suit hunters strengths. Of course, we still have holes in our utility, namely the lack of cleave (though pre-nerf Beast Cleave actually provided a 'balanced' amount of cleave damage on 2-3 targets, but that is no longer the case with the recent nerf), but I think that is made up for with what I just mentioned.

Maybe not all hunters were experiencing the success I was having pre-15913, but I was actually keeping up with the best classes, such as pre-nerf Affliction Warlocks, who were indirectly labeled "extremely overpowered." I think 15913 did a lot of good, it fixed a lot of the imbalances between things like Arcane Shot and Cobra Shot. I think there is still a little work to be had with this kind of stuff, but there also probably needs to be an across-the-board flat nerf to coefficients.

So I say this will all due respect for the people who have had their hands in revamping the class: do not gut us. Do not give us the affliction warlock treatment. I don't want to have to experience the torment that was playing a hunter during Dragon Soul progression ever again :(

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#88 - 2012/08/02 03:52:00 AM
You are soon going to see damage go down for several classes and specs in cases where we overshot our targets or fixed bugs that required adjustments. Hunters are likely among these.

I am mentioning this because what inevitably happens is a host of posts across the Internet saying that x is now gutted, won't get a raid slot, needs to reroof, was middle of the pack at best, and so on. It is most helpful to us if you want to argue that your DPS is too low (or high if you are being unusually honest) that you are specific about what situations you are talking about, against who you are comparing numbers and what those numbers are. If the Windwalker is doing 300,000 DPS in your challenge run, chances are that is not our new target.

(As I told my team recently, had I better access to a PC at the moment (I'm a long way from home as you can probably guess by the posting times), I would make a new version of the Ned Stark brace yourself meme image.)

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#127 - 2012/08/02 01:37:00 PM
I know it may come as a shock, but this forum is not our sole conduit though which to monitor player feedback. The twin strategies of "shh, don't admit we're overpowered" and "shh, don't let them know we're happy" are about as transparent as you would imagine. I would suggest leaving the psychological warfare at home and just be honest about how you feel (and as I said above, backing it up with evidence of some kind is vastly more helpful to us).

We had just been discussing whether it would be better to warn players that some nerfs were coming and let them worry themselves to death, or to just make the changes and have players be surprised. Conveniently, this thread came along....